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Have you ever driven home and become preoccupied in thought? Watching traffic, listening to the radio, talking on your cell phone and all of a sudden you’re pulling into your driveway, but you have no clue how you got there! Your mind went into the trance commonly known as “highway hypnosis” and while thinking about many things, your sub-conscious mind was navigating your way home and keeping you safe as if on ‘automatic pilot’. Imagine what your mind would be capable of if you could learn to control the intense concentration of highway hypnosis for other things, such as weight loss or stopping smoking? The power to change your destiny would be literally in the thoughts you choose to think. Hypnosis gives you that power to hypnotize yourself towards a specific purpose.

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The benefit of being in the incredibly relaxed state of hypnosis is that the subconscious mind is more easily persuaded to accomplish the goals we truly wish for ourselves in comparison to our usual state of mind when all kinds of other considerations and rationalizations prevent us from doing what we really want. Therapeutic hypnosis allows a person to get better in touch with his or her true inner ambitions and motivations.

During hypnosis, when concentrating on a desired goal such as weight loss, the subconscious mind become hyper-suggestible making it easier to change your thoughts regarding food choices and the quantity of food that you choose to eat. It is all about ‘choice’... your choice to change the behaviors you choose to change. Your subconscious mind is where you control your emotions and behaviors and the best method of reaching your subconscious mind is through the relaxed state of hypnosis.

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Hypnosis is usually administered by a clinical hypnotherapist. A live session with a hypnotherapist may occur in a crowded room which can be difficult for many since it’s important to have a quiet, private area to fully relax and concentrate on the suggestions you are given. Another option is typically a private session which is much more costly. Either way, the hypnotherapist is there to guide the client into hypnosis, teaching them a powerful skill they can use for themselves. This is important since the person learns the art of true self-discipline and self-control and is then able to practice the technique of self-hypnosis – a positive and powerful tool for changing unwanted negative thoughts.

Some people never see a professional hypnotherapist and jump right into self-hypnosis. It’s important to first learn how to calm yourself to the point that you are completely relaxed but without allowing yourself to fall asleep. This will enable you to better concentrate on the suggestions you want to hear for yourself. The downsides to relying only on self-hypnosis is that hypnosis is most effective with repetition, and many people just aren’t as motivated to practice, partly because they are not typically as effective in the technique as the professional hypnotherapist. Conversely, attending live group or private sessions are not always desired, practical or cost effective.

With the Think and Lose Weight Loss program you get the benefit of both forms of hypnosis methods combined. Don Mannarino’s ‘Personal Coaching Instructional Video’ answers all your questions and walks you through the understanding and explanation of the technique and power of therapeutic hypnosis. You choose the time and place you wish to experience the soothing, relaxed state of hypnosis by simply listening to Don’s voice on the CD’s or preloaded MP3 player.

Don Mannarino

With over 30 years as a professionally and academically trained clinical hypnotherapist for numerous health organizations, corporations and hospitals, Don will help you learn to relax yourself completely and provide you with the positive suggestions you need to lose weight quickly and easily. Just think – with the Think and Lose program you are receiving the convenience and benefit of a private session any time you want. Hypnosis is done with the eyes closed and Don is always right there guiding you through the process. Listening to Don’s voice will also provide you with the ultimate form of self-hypnosis since you are actually hypnotizing yourself by following his powerful and positive suggestions with Don talking you through it every time.

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Best of all, you can begin to relax now, because this program is yours to try for Free! Order the Think and Lose weight loss program now and learn to change your thoughts - begin to lose weight almost immediately and change your destiny to become the thin and slim person you’ve always wanted to be!



Think & Lose hypnosis weight loss program is NOT a weight loss diet, weight loss drink or weight loss supplement.

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