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Michelle lost 100 lbs!

Shirley (HOPEFULINWI) lost 50 lbs!

Theresa lost 26 lbs!

Betty (BettyM) lost 59 lbs!

Valorie (VHSSULLIVAN) Lost 130 lbs!

“Think & Lose Program” is not a diet

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Carole Mike

Carole: “You are eating anything you want.”
Mike: “You just don’t feel like eating the rest of the cake”

The easiest program you’ll ever do

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Julie Randy Terry Beth

Julie: “It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done”
Randy: “I’m the same weight I was in high school 40 years ago.”
Terry: “I lost the weight without any exercise.”
Beth: “It’s been the easiest program I’ve ever, ever done.”

Hypnosis is not only relaxing…
It’s clinically proven to keep the weight off

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Larry Mike Wilma

Larry: “Hypnosis was different for me than I thought it would be.”
Mike: “It is a very professional program.”
Wilma: “It’s a miracle!”

Lose your cravings

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Joan John Carole

Joan: “There are no forbidden foods”
John: “I can eat sweets, but I just don’t crave them anymore”
Carole: “You’re not denying yourself at all.”

Pam isn’t the “fat Grandma” anymore

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Pam: “My husband looks at me different now”

Ruth thanks Don for saving her life

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Ruth: “This is the first time that I have ever been the shape that I’m in.”

Gretchen enjoys going shopping for clothes now

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Gretchen: “I was so proud of the way I looked.”

Larry lost 140 lbs and still ate the foods he wanted

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Think and Lose

Larry: “Being able to walk into a regular store and grab a pair of pants was fabulous.”


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Think and Lose hypnosis weight loss program is NOT a weight loss diet, weight loss drink or weight loss supplement.

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