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All postings below came from the Think and Lose Forum and are 100% absolutely real! Because these were part of Forum postings, all names have been removed to respect privacy. However, you can find every one of these postings by visiting the Forum (many at the "Success Stories" board) and you will see names as long as they were not originally posted anonymously.

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After having used the TNL program for 6 weeks now, I can say with certainty that it has helped change my eating habits, specifically the amount of food ingested. I am a Family Practice physician, and have thought for years I was overweight due to poor metabolism or Genetics. I had always denied the fact that maybe I was overeating. But after trying Donís program I now can see that I do not need to eat as much food as I have been eating for years. Subsequently, I have lost 25 lbs so far, and I cant believe the cravings for junk food are no longer there. I follow the suggestions of eating half and leaving half. Itís as simple as that. Give it a try. Donít give up, it will work for you too.
Thanks Don.
Sincerely P D D.O.
This is totally unbelievable!!! I lost 12 pounds the first week! Best part is, I didn't really try. I just am not hungry for the "fat food", that includes fast food. I am eating basically fruit and veggies and maybe a chicken breast or salmon filet and I am totally enjoying it. I have a pint of sorbet in the freezer and after just a couple of spoonfuls, I don't want any more.
This is so incredible, I never really thought this would be so effective so soon. The best part is I consciously did not change anything, it just happened. Thank you Don and thank you to the wonderful support staff and thank you so much for everyone in the forums who have been so kind and informative.
Now I know this is going to happen for me. It really is a life changing experience.
I think you'll find TNL to be the last weight loss program you'll ever need. I know it sounds too good to be true, but TNL is truly a blessing for so many people like myself who have tried every diet and weight loss program known to man! I've lost and gained enough weight for 10 people over the years. TNL is the ONLY program I've found that deals with the underlying reasons you eat the way you do in the first place.
Don's suggestions to eat healthier foods, exercise and eat HALF ONLY work - no pills, no special foods, no starving yourself or restricting your diet to certain foods. You truly can eat anything, anytime, anywhere - half only.
Listening to Don's programs (whether it's TNL or some of the other great programs he has) is like taking a nap. The only difference is you stay awake, so you can hear the suggestions he's giving you. After listening, you will feel like you HAVE had a nap, refreshed and re-energized.
Probably the most helpful suggestions I can give you just starting out is to listen to the TNL program every day, stay away from the scale for at least the first month (and then only once a week after that) and, no matter what your physical capabilities, MOVE!!! You will lose weight faster and more consistently if you get some kind of exercise every day.
I've been using TNL since May of last year. I've lost over 125 pounds so far and still have about 100 pounds to go. I seldom eat processed food, I don't crave sugar or sweets and I exercise every day. TNL has been a godsend and has certainly changed my life for the better! Not only that, but I've been able to quit smoking after 40+ years using his Nicotine No More program. And I didn't gain any weight doing it!
Please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. The forum is an excellent place to talk to other TNL'ers and get your questions answered.
I wanted to wait until I was sure that this was the thing I thought it was, and it is! So here goes...For anyone that is out there reading the posts, like I did, trying to get a feel for this thing...wondering if it could be for real...let me tell you it's for real!!! I have never had the freedom and control of my eating that I feel now. I have dieted all of my life, on every plan you can imagine. I've lost alot of weight and gained alot of it back. I used shear willpower and denial to get weight off in the past. This is so different! Like nothing I've ever done before. I was very unsure if this was my path, but now I know that it is. And when you find something that works, you want to help everyone discover what you know. I listen to the cd's faithfully, and agree with Don's suggestions and it works. I have no desire to overeat anymore, and I look forward to being that number on the scale that I want to be because I know it will happen. I'm calmer now and I don't worry anymore about things in the future...I just go with the flow.
Don's voice is soothing to me, and I look forward to my next session. I am amazed at how much the weight struggle was in my mind. I had no idea. I will never diet again, and I have dieted my whole life. So for that Don, and for the gift that you and your soothing words are to me I thank you! I just wanted you to know that you have changed our lives and we are grateful!
Seeing as it's 2009 and there are numerous people out there who have made that New Year's resolution to lose weight and eat healthier, I thought I'd extend a welcome to the new members of the TNL family and to those who are checking us out and wondering what it's all about. Not that I'm such an old member myself, just two months ago today I listened to my first session, but I feel so positive about this that I wanted to say something.
Back in November I caught the tail end of the Think and Lose infomercial. Something caught me and I had my first inkling and a little bit of hope that this might be what I'd been looking for, for what seemed like forever. Impatiently I waited for the DVD/CD's to come, and I watched and listened that very first night. I am one of the lucky ones that it clicked right away for me and I noticed a difference the very next day. And each day, the more I listened, the stronger and stronger it got. Besides feeling so good, I have lost weight. How much? I don't know as I've chosen not to step on the scale, since the first day, until I get closer to my goal. I do know that I started in over-stuffed size 18 jeans, and am now fitting into very loose size 16 and into some 14's. My obsession with food is gone. No candy, cookies and other sweets, chips, etc. The desire to shove as much junk food as I can and as fast as I can into my face is gone. It's just gone. I am eating so much less, and I still have a hard time believing at times that this is all happening to me. And all I have to do is relax and listen to Don's soothing voice telling me that I can do it.
This is all possible because of Don Mannarino and Think and Lose. Each time after listening to a session, I say a little prayer "thanking Don" for making this change to my life possible. So if you have just joined us or are thinking about it, I want you to know that for me TNL is the answer to my prayers. It works! It really, really works!!
Hi, I have been overweight most of my life. All the diets made me feel like I was starving and deprived. The think and lose program is different!!! I started on Jan 15 2008. I have lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks!!!!! I have a thyroid problem that makes losing weight hard. This life change is not hard. I have not felt hungry or deprived once. It is easy and you sleep better, feel healthier and more posistive. Definitely try this product. You will not be sorry!!!!!
I was really skeptical when I first purchased this program, but I figured...Hey, there's a 30 free trial, why not!....This Program is NO GIMMIC! I REALLY WORKS!
I have been on the program for 3 weeks now....and though I have only listened a few times (not nearly as often as I should be, but as much as possible with 2 kids, a full time job and a husband) I feel like I just woke up one morning and I was 14 lbs lighter! I have lost 14lbs in 3 weeks! I just couldn't even believe that this was so Easy!
You know they always say that it's easier to gain than it is to lose, but not with "Think and Lose" this is just soooo easy!
Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful! I am sooo excited I can't wait to keep losing. This will not be nearly as hard or take as long as I thought! I am selling my weight watchers and all other dieting CRAPOLA!! Think and lose is the program for me!
Thank you SO much!
This is the first time I've been under 200lbs since my first child was born 3 years ago!! I am Thrilled to pieces!!!
My program was delivered to my door June 15. I unwrapped it and eagerly listened to the first program on the MP3 player, "Think and Lose". I set it on the shelf and forgot all about it thinking this would never really work. I weighed 250 pounds on that day.
Fast forward one month to July 14. I hadn't listened to the "Think and Lose" program all that past month and only had one day left to return for a refund if I didn't want to keep the program. I looked at the shelf, full of the past diet systems that promised results and had failed. I decided to return the program. I would stop by the post office after my doctor's appointment that day.
When I was weighed, I was flabbergasted. I had lost 17 pounds! No special or additional exercises; and I had only listened to the program that one time when it came in the mail. I actually screamed in the exam room. My blood pressure was perfect and I felt great. My doctor was thrilled. When I told him how I dropped that much in one month, he said he didn't believe that it could work but, "Keep up the good work".
Since then, I have lost an additional 6 pounds, making my total 23 pounds in 40 days. Now that I'm a little lighter, exercise is easier and more pleasant now that I finally see some results. I'm down to 227 pounds. I'm wearing clothes I had not worn in almost two years. Even my shoes are too big now. I've also been sleeping a lot better.
So, I will not be returning my program to you. I will be listening to it at least once a week, every week!
Thank you so much for giving me my life back.
I'm an 18 day user of my programs and all I can say is - ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! I got the programs, of course, to lose some weight, but I just am so thrilled with the Pain Relief and Sleep programs, I could dance for joy!
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years and have struggled mightily with weight gain, pain, and lack of a decent night's sleep. In the space of 18 days, I've lost 12 pounds, reduced my use of pain medication and muscle relaxers by a third, and have actually been able to sleep through the night.
When I get home from work, I turn off my cell phone, collapse in my favorite chair and "plug in." I cannot begin to tell you "how good it feels to feel so good." For an entire hour, I listen to Don's soothing voice and just drift. Heaven!!! I seem to learn something new every time I listen and the more I listen, the more I believe this can be a lifelong solution to my "professional dieting".
For anyone who's been on every diet known to man and then some, try the Think and Lose program. This is not a "diet"; it's a way of life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Don, for your wonderful programs. You make my heart sing!
Hi my name is Richard. I'm a full time bus driver. After taking a Weight Loss survey for my health care provider about weight loss surgery I decided that there had to be a better way. Surgery was just to dangerous and drastic. After all I'm 52 years old and only 317 lbs and a size 48.
Well I stumbled on the "Think and Lose" commercial one night shortly after that and thought this sounds like bull, but the price is right and hell, I tried diet after diet and nothing worked.
Well IT WORKED. I'm in about my 10th week and I I now weigh 293 lbs and have dropped to a size 46. I'm not going hungry; I'm sleeping better and have so much more energy that I don't know what to do with it. I have bad knees and just the loss of 24 lbs has made such a difference in my health that I can actually take the stairs now and not be in too much pain.
My goal weight is 225 and I'm well on my way. I'm also doing the Stress Relief, Increase energy productivity and lift your spirit CD's and have noticed a change in these areas also. (waiting for some other CD's also)
Thank you Don Mannarino!
I started at 250lbs in 2004, I don't remember when I purchased the CDs, but I couldn't get pass 225lbs. After your plan I dropped 70lbs. What happened was "half only" got stuck in my brain. I have been battling my weight for 25 years. I am soooo happy to be normal again. At 55 years old, I didn't think it was possible.
I have lost another 5lbs since the after picture. My goal weight was 150 which I have obtained and now I am looking forward to losing more weight. I'm starting a weight lifting program. I have excess skin and belly fat that need tightening up.
In fact all your suggestions were very helpful. I really enjoyed listening and learning how to be successful.
Thank you I am very happy to let you know it worked for me!!!


You could not pay me enough money to make me give back my Think and Lose program!! I almost fell off my scale this morning. In 30 days I have lost 17 pounds and I feel AWESOME. I have to keep pinching myself to believe this is real.
You know what I like best about this program? I don't feel deprived, I don't feel guilty, and I don't feel panicky about food anymore. When I walk into the kitchen, I take a deep breath, say "half only" to myself, and eat what I want. Half the time, I'm full before I even get to "half only".
I think one of the best-kept "secrets" about the Think and Lose program is how good it makes you feel inside. Not only do I feel good about the weight I'm losing, but I feel like I can accomplish anything. My energy level is off the charts. I walk around grinning like an idiot for no particular reason!
I have a long way to go before I reach that magic "number" in my mind and I look forward to the journey. I really feel this is a new way of life for me and not just another diet to endure until I can eat again. I'm finally making that disconnect between actual hunger and emotional eating.
I love, love, love all your programs and I cannot thank you enough for facilitating the changes you've helped me make in my life!
I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel since I received your program last Monday Feb. 4th! I am working on losing weight and this being Feb 11, I have lost 10.5 lbs!
I also feel so good because I have much more control over my eating habits which were totally out of control! My goal is 110LBs-I am at 154 this morning. I find Don's voice very soothing, positive and extremely encouraging. I really appreciate having the MP3 to use at work first thing before I start my day and at lunch, just before or during my break.
I thank God so much for letting me find you by chance on a cable station in the middle of one of my restless nights! This program has been and will continue to be really important to me!
Thank you so much!!! God bless!
I am new here and I just wanted to share that I recently started this program and after the very first cd I saw instant results. That very day I wasn't even hungry let alone want to eat only half. It has continued that way now for an entire 2 weeks. Every time I go to eat, nothing even sounds good, and when I do find something, I end up with 3 or 4 bites and not wanting anymore. I've noticed that I end up eating this way several times throughout the day (many really small meals within each day) and I've lost 7lbs in is what is almost two weeks. I am also listening to Love to Exercise and that too, worked immediately. I am exercising every day because I WANT to, and I've never wanted to exercise in my entire life!
For anyone who is having trouble, hang in there! I found that the more you do it the stronger the results, and also to really concentrate on your breathing. That helped me tune out the things that I would normally be distracted by. It really does work!
I've been using my mp3 player for about three days now and feel so much more under control. It's different this time. This program addresses your cognative thinking, not just about what and how much of what foods to eat. My "self talk" has changed from saying "Oh I can't have that so if I have some I better have alot of it!" Now I hear "slim and trim" and I see my desired weight flash in my mind. So much more control this time.
If anyone is considering ordering this, do it, you won't be sorry plus, it's a free trial! It's different, it's not hokey, a scam, not unhealthy for you, it's the real deal...
I have been on this program for two weeks today! I have lost around 10 lbs. already. I am amazed that I can eat half and leave half and I don't even want the rest! Sometimes I test myself and think "I'm going to go ahead and eat the rest this time and see what happens." But every time I try, my mind won't even let me pick up the fork anymore. I am totally satisfied with 1/2 only! There are times when I eat sweets or chips because they are sitting in front of me (such as M&M's in the candy jar at work) and in the back of my mind I feel like I should feel guilty for eating them, but I don't, maybe because instead of eating a whole 1 lb. bag like I used to, I eat about 6 or 8 and I'm totally satisfied (most of the time they don't even taste good anymore). I'm finding that it seems easier when I eat out than when I eat at home. When they bring me my food at a restaurant, I eat only half of what they bring me, but when I make dinner at home, instead of eating half of what's on my plate, I try and only put half of what I would normally eat on my plate and it confuses my mind. I think the key to doing well at home is to get the plate of food you normally would have gotten and then eat half of it. That is the only place I'm having any difficulty at all. It still feels like I have a ways to go before I get all of this 100%, but I am confident that it is going to work and that I will see my goal weight of 160 on that scale again! I have just received a promotion at work in the last week and I have been under a lot of stress which would normally cause me to binge eat excessively! But instead of turning to food, I've listened to Don's CD more often finding that not only am I listening to it to stop eating, but that I really enjoy how relaxed it makes me feel and how easily the stress is relieved from my body after hearing it. I'm glad to hear that it will only get better and easier as time goes on. That was one of my biggest questions! Thanks Don, for making life positive again and for giving me the gift of knowing that this goal of losing weight that has seemed impossible and negative all of my life is now within reach and under control. I have heard my stomach growl more in the last 2 weeks than I have my entire life. I actually listen to my body now when it tells me it's hungry. It's very different, but it's wonderful!! I have a very, very long way to go, but I KNOW I'll get there! For the first time in 9 years, I eat less than my husband! WOW! I can't wait until I weigh less than him, too! And I know someday, I WILL!!!
On May 13th 2008 my husband was watching TV and he saw Don's infomercial and told me to come into the living room and watch it with him. After watching and hearing that I could try it for 30 days at no cost to myself, he urged me to try it.
More than 10 years ago, he was hypnotized for social anxiety and after the very first session we could both tell a huge difference. With his success, he is more than positive that hypnosis works. SO, at his urging, I ordered it.
On May 19th, 2008 I received my Think & Lose and couldn't wait to get started. That evening I watched the DVD and then listened to the 30 minute full length program. The next morning, when I was eating my cereal, I noticed I could only eat half the bowl. I was amazed, after listening just one time, there was already a difference.
I had been exercising for about 5 months, at least 5 days a week for at a minimum of 35 minutes each time and was getting absolutely no where. No progress was being made at all.
I weighed 145 when I received my Think & Lose program. I had weighed 145 for, at least, the last year and was completely convinced I would never again weigh any less. After listening for a week, I had to weigh myself, since so many people had big weight loss numbers after the first week, I was expecting the very same thing. I knew something was happening, I was eating a WHOLE LOT less, my jeans were fitting looser. I just knew, I had to have lost weight also. Well, the first week, nothing showed on the scale and I was a bit disappointed but not discouraged. I talked with the TNL coaches and they are very, very supportive and helpful, and told me that the scale is not how you measure your progress. I left the scale alone for a while and when I finally decided to go ahead and weigh again, low and behold, I weighed 143. I was so excited!! I didn't think I would ever see the scale say anything other than 145.
I continue to listen at least two times a day. I listen at night when I go to bed. I listen to either the 30 minute full length program or the 10 minute reinforcement program, depending on how tired I am, then I listen first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. It's either the 10 minute program or the 2 minute Power Program depending on how much time I have.
The best part is I don't feel deprived, I'm not hungry, and I don't have to limit myself to certain food groups only. I can eat, as Don's says, whatever I want, where ever I want, when ever I want and I eat Half Only. The Eating Half, Leaving half rings through my mind all the time. It's fabulous!
I have always been a 12 plus cups of coffee a day drinker. Now, there are days I don't even drink coffee. If I do drink it, I am only able to get, at the most, two cups down. The funny thing is, not drinking coffee wasn't even one of my goals.
I don't crave salty foods, fattening foods or pop. It truly does not taste the same.
I have been on the TNL program for almost two months (July 19th will be two months, today is the 12th) I have lost a total of 20 pounds and have 5 more pounds to go to get to my goal weight.
I cannot thank Don enough for this life change. For the chance to take back control of my life. Also for the support of the TNL coaches and also everyone on the forum.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I basically ordered the system because of the money back guarantee, and I thought that even if the suggestions didn't work to help me lose weight, at least it would be good to de-stress and help me relax. I got my program on Thursday and I watched the DVD and listened to the program before I went to sleep. I was instantly relaxed and could feel everything Don was describing as I was being hypnotized. However, I was still skeptical that it could work for me.
When I ate my breakfast the next morning, I did indeed only eat half and didn't realize it until awhile later. Lunch was the same thing. I only ate half. At dinner I ate everything on my plate, but I realized later it was actually half of what I would normally eat (I didn't go back for seconds or anything). I listened to it again this morning and only ate half of my sandwich at lunch.
I can't believe this really works. I am no longer skeptical...I'm hopeful. Thanks to the TNL crew for such a great product.
ORDER, ORDER, ORDER!!! I too was skeptical and checked out this web site - READ EVERYTHING!!!! It alone will convince you this is for real and that it works!!
My suggestion is to also get the MP3 player. You can take it everywhere with you and it has been preloaded with the 30-minute, 10-minute plus the quick 2-minute on it (along with other programs).
YOU WON'T BE SORRY!! Just please keep in mind, some people get quick results and others it may take a couple weeks (or longer) but it will work!!! It all depends on your level (in my opinion) of psychological eating!! It really is based on each individual person and where your level of eating is. Sweets, junk food, pop, you name it, you will literally be amazed at how one day, it will all just "click" for you. You won't be hungry for that portion you normally eat - in fact, you will feel full and satisfied after only having 1/2 without even thinking about it!
You will also be amazed at how GREAT your sleeping is at night! You have all of us here to support you as we support each other and if you're like me, you'll make this a daily part of your routine (checking out the posts).
This program has changed so many lives and saved so many!! You will start to feel better about yourself and get that confidence back.
Also at times, Don will respond to our postings and to me, that's worth its weight in gold being able to hear directly from the creator of this amazing program!!!
So, that being said, won't you join our family?
My sister and I started this program together and now have both lost over 30 pounds. The incredible part is my sister. She is in a nursing home, had three heart attacks,cannot walk,is in a wheel chair, needs help in just about everything she does. She needs to lose 130 pounds. Not just so she can walk again but to SURVIVE. She owes her life to Don. She has been in hospitals and nursing homes for over three years now. Depressed and eating herself to death. Nothing has ever worked except this.
Since my first day on the TNL program, I've felt this incredible sense of serenity and calm when it comes to food. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same experience. Every other "diet" or weight loss program I've been on has produced a high level of anxiety and stress - counting calories, measuring food, weighing, chopping, slicing, dicing....aahhhh! Don't even get me started on menu planning and having to go grocery shopping!
I don't feel deprived on this program. I don't feel the urge to self-sabotage and eat something "forbidden". I feel peaceful and calm when it comes to my food choices and what I put in my mouth and "half only" is more than enough.
I had to laugh when I got to the checkout at the grocery store the other day. My shopping cart was half only! Is that subliminal or what?!!!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the TNL program makes you feel. Thanks for sharing!
I'm glad to know it's not just me. :)
Since I started T&L I feel happier about everything. I smile all the time and I don't worry about things like I used to. It's a great feeling. Today is my 21st day since I started the program and I've lost 13 lbs. It's probably just knowing that I'm doing something good for me. As for grocery shopping, I've noticed the same things. I didn't buy anywhere near my usual amount of groceries and the things I did buy where all 'healthy' type foods. I didn't even realize it until I was checking out. :)
Thank you, don,
you're right--fear does immobilize me in many areas of my life and i can already see a difference in how i think about things. i totally believe in what you're doing, love the program and have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. they are just melting away and in a completely stress free way. thanks again.
I have started the program on Sunday (16 Feb 2008), and I was amazed at the fact that on Sunday night i had food left over on my plate, that was so weird and when I first dished up i was thinking about the 1/2 only so i dished up less and still after that i had food left on my plate, that was the best feeling i have ever had. I have seen people leaving food on there plate and always wished i could be that way and now i can... and to add to that it was my favorite meal. and yesterday i really craved a chocolate and then i was thinking about the 1/2 only and guess what I only had 1/2 and that was impossible for me before, I really hope that this will continue because i love it! I am still new to all of this and need the support. Thank you all for this wonderful invention.
I ordered your program over a year ago. I went to my doctor and weighed 317. About 7 months later, I weighed 262 at the doctors office. Now I weigh about 235. My 'vision weight' is 220. I have gone from size 44 to 36. Of course I want to go further after reaching my vision. Thanks for talking to me.
I just wanted to check in and give props to Don again. I'm so grateful for his program. I have a lot of weight to lose (over 100 pounds) and it's going to take time but I KNOW this is working! I've lost 8 pounds in the last month without dieting. I sleep better and feel happier and I credit Don's motivating guidance! It amazes me how I truly HAVE to stop eating where, before, I would've just plowed through and maybe gone for second helpings! It's also great not to have to go through the guilt and stress that accompanies (often imperfect) dieting.
Don's method is incredibly effortless because, as he reiterates, it's ALL in the mind and the mind can be CHANGED! I think I always knew this but had NO idea how to incorporate it. He's also right on about repetition being KEY. I never want to return to my bad old eating habits so I'm happily invested in these CDs!
I received my DVD and Cd's on Friday January 25. I was so excited like many others just waiting for them to get to me. In the meantime, I too, have been visiting here and seeing what all is told and answering my own questions and having the years of skepticism ringing in my ears. However, this is my last ditch effort to try to become healthy and lose weight. I weighed on Sat. 302.2lbs. I watched the dvd and did the first 30 minute session friday night. I enjoyed the relaxation and the breathing made my lungs pain free. Quite addictive I say.
Yesterday, I had appt. already set up several weeks ago because the doctors suggested that I should look into the LapBand procedure. Went to the appointment like a good soldier. They completed the measurements and then explained the procedure. After spending a hour there, they told me that my insurrance would not pay. I was actually releived inside. I left there without feeling rejected because I still have the TNL program instead, and the best part was that nothing is altered on the inside of the body physically. I have several health problems with pulmonary embolism and the weight doesn't help. While at the appt. they weighed me. Knowing that all scales are different and did not put much thought about it except telling the nurse that I like her scale better. I could not believe for the life of me that I could have dropped 11lbs since Saturday!!! All the way home I kept convincing myself that maybe lost about 5 or even 6 pounds tops due to different clothing and shoes taken off at the appt. And convincing my mind that I should wait until Sat. when I go to the Grocery store again that I would weigh on the same scale to just see what I really lost. However, I drove over to the store with an excuse to pick up dinner since I did not set something down the night before to cook. Weighed myself on the same scale that i used on Saturday. I have lost 10 lbs. without any effort. I know and expect that through this process that I will not always receive the same results, but I at least know that I am not always wanting to eat food. I have been cutting down on the sugar in my tea, only eating one breakfast taco instead of two, drinking more water, finding myself eating only one plate of dinner and half of what I normally eat without feeling like I have to make something different for me than what the family eats. One other thing is that when having to be on blood thinner for rest of my life, I have to be careful about how much of the "GREEN" (Good for you) food. It counter acts with the medicine. This has been the greatest problem of all the past two years. It is then when I started putting on the last 40 lbs. I know this is going to be a long journey ahead but at least my mind is going in the right direction, Thanks to Don and his program. Thank you so much, Don. You have already made a great impact in my life.
I'm nowhere near an expert, only been doing it for a month, but a month is longer than I have ever stuck with anything and I'm still going strong, you will too!
The one thing I realized just the other day, even though I cut down on the quantity of food at my meals, I was still indulging in late night snacking, not the binges I was used to but still... So, I started listening to the Break Bad Habits, because let's face it, food addiction is a bad habit. Well, it worked immediately! I stopped even thinking about what food I could eat at night, after my husband went to bed.
So, just wanted to point out that Don's other programs are well worth listening to also.
You will be really thrilled when you see how well you feel and how easy this is and that it truly works, where nothing else has.
Thank God for the mp3 player, I love that little thing. Well, its been two weeks since I started and I'm down 10 lbs, only 110 to go!!!!! Yippee.
I just received the program this last weekend. I played the 30 min session before bed...this I can say, I've never been hypnotized and I was extremely cynical as I laid there. It literally felt like minutes when I was brought back to my conscious mind. My fiance reassured me I had been out for over 30 minutes! Unbelievable.
So I still felt that cynic before me, I got up the next morning listened to the 10 minutes reinforcement session and went to grab my fav morning snack, a chocolate muffin. I took a bite and immediately my throat felt closed and extremely dry and my tummy did a little roll. Insane. I put it back after a couple of bites and grabbed grapes, they went down smoothly and was delicious. Basically, I'm not a cynic anymore lol. I look forward to next few weeks
I have been on the TNL program for 1 week and have lost 5-lbs. It is great. Repetition is definitely the key to success. I have noticed that the more I listen the more I respond positively. It gives you a great feeling inside that finally this time things will change in your life. Keep up the momentum, best of luck to everyone.
This program is amazing I just really love how it makes me feel. I admit it was alittle slow the first couple of days but the more I listened to Don's programs the more I saw and felt the changes going on inside of myself. 5 lbs. gone in the first week, which I realize is the easiest but it feels different this time. My way of thinking about food is changing I notice that my portions are getting smaller, and my choices are getting smarter. I actually enjoy eating salad and fresh veggies, I really like the flavor rather than craving food that is not so good for me..It is so crazy to think I can enjoy eating healthly choices..but I am and I do...I listen to Don every evening and every morning or midday...I truely feel that is changing ME to the way I want to be.....Thank YOU So Much....Cheers to ME and to All of you on this program WE are on our way!!!! Talk to you all Soon!
well i am well on my way to my second week of my program and i have lost 6.5 pounds i can not believe it. i listen to my program at night before bedtime , in the morning before i go to work and at supper time i listen again. it helps me out so much. i have been turning away junk food which is so good for me. i just ordered the mp3 player for my lunch at work and i also ordered the recorded version i can keep on my keychain just to listen when i need it most like in the grocery stores and all. i think this is a very successful program and i like it alot. keep up the great work everyone i know i will be on to a skinnier me before i know it.thanks don you are the best. take care all thinkthin.
I tried Weight Watchers and they taught me to keep a food journal. When I was at the point where I was eating fresh fruits and veggies I did go down on weight, no constipation but by the end of the week I would eat pizza and chocolate, more then one serving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning I would be depressed I gain some weight.
I stopped WW and started this program. I am losing about 1 or 2 a week, I am still eating fresh foods but when I want some Doritos or chocolate I find myself eating half of what I use to, so I am still losing while not feeling deprived. For me I could not give up all the cravings altogether and I couldn't stop at one serving. With this program I eat 1/2 and I am still enjoying food. I never had the will power before but with this program it is just naturally happening.
I am working on exercise now. I am listening to the love to exercise every morning and think and lose every night. I made it through 5 consecutive days of exercising, yeah!
Thanks Don.
Trust me after trying nearly EVERYTHING for the past decade to lose weight you won't be sorry with this program. But, give it time to work. It took about 5 weeks before things started becoming automatic for me. In the beginning I decided that I was going to keep listening no matter how long it took for this to be the one thing that works. I will admit however that in the beginning I was also still drinking 3-4 cokes a day and I just figured that would be something that wouldn't change because I've been doing it most of my life. I was fine with that, but This week (6 weeks in) I have had only 3 the whole week!!!!!!! I haven't missed it or even really wanted it. That alone is amazing. I used to have this horrible habit of every time I got in the car I felt I had to stop somewhere and get a fountain coke. I have been out and about this week several times and havent' felt that urge in fact I brought a water bottle with me instead (unheard of before). Mind you that habit had been in place for over a decade. I also used to eat fast food EVERY day even though I didn't want to I felt compelled to. I am pleased to say that I have only eaten fast food (1/2 only of course) 3 times in 6 days instead of 1-2 times every day. I have lost 8lbs in the 6 weeks and even though I'd like to see a bigger drop at this point I am pleasantly surprised at the mental changes that have been taking place. Not only in regards to the foods I'm choosing and only choosing to eat half but also that finally that little negative voice in the back of my head that would always whisper "this won't work" isn't there anymore. I'm actually feeling confident that I will succeed. I just ordered the Love to Exercise and am looking forward to start a walking program to speed things up a bit. I say if you're going to try one more thing to finally lose weight let it be this program, you won't be sorry.
hello everyone!! I lost 5.5lbs in my first ten days of starting...i am so excited!! i love this program as well as all the others in the platinum package!! Here's to feeling good and looking good without the cravings!!
Just wanted to let you know that I have had insomnia for over 20 years, and Don's CDs have helped me so much. I've had a couple of nights that I have a hard time falling asleep and turn on the cd and I'm soon relaxed and sleeping GREAT! I used to have to take Ambien also, but no more thanks to Don!
My husband and I watched the DVD on monday when we recieved it (it was minus 15 degrees outside, so inside stuff was good). The DVD was great (made me feel like a noodle).
Right before I was ready to go to sleep I listened to the 33 minute part of the CD. I slept like a rock. That NEVER happens.
So, tuesday morning I took a half a bagel to work with me and was amazed at how it was enough. I brought a tiny dish of left over dinner with me for lunch and felt very satisfied. Dinner went well and was very surprised that I didn't want that big bowl of popcorn later that night. Listening to that CD before bed is great!!! I haven't slept that well in years!!!
Today was my "test" day. I was running late to work, didn't have time for breakfast. Stopped at McDonalds for a quick something before I had to be at work. I got a regular hamburger and nothing else. I was about 3/4 the way through, and was convinced that if I ate another bite, that things were not going to go well as far as my stomach was concerned, I threw the rest away. 2nd test of the day...I went to caribou coffee to get a drink. I always order with skim milk, but not thinking...I ordered a large, as I usually do. I threw half of that away too, it wasn't appealing any more after a few drinks.
Okay.....maybe the average person would not think that those events are that big of a deal....they were for me!!!!
I have only had the program since monday night, so I haven't bothered to weigh myself or anything, but just the fact that I'm sleeping like a bear, and noticing a difference in what I'm capable of eating in just a short amount of time is making me think that I have no choice but to lose weight.
I love these message boards and all the positive people that are out there supporting one another. It's nice to have that kind of support.
My brain is telling me that this is going to work, good luck to all the rest of you out there that are on the same journey.
Well my package arrived Wed.and I immediatly sat down and viewed the dvd,then I did the 30 min dvd,I felt wonderful. That evening for my favorite meal I could only eat half,and I was happy. Thurs at work I had my favorite salad and again could only do half. OK so far so good. Friday came and I am usually alone all day running errands catching up on things and of course eating. I can tell you that I threw away my secert stash of candy corns(they didn't look good at all), I didn't eat my usual stack of pancakes for breakfast, drove by Burger King and didn't miss my whopper,fries and large vanilla shake, didn't eat the rest of the bag of marshmellows, and now its 2pm,the eating usually continued from there,and it didn't. I have been doing the cd daily with the short one daily also,and I have lost 7 lbs. but when you consider what I was eating and how I am eating now ,it will go fast for a few days. I drink diet rite by the gallons and find I can hardly drink one in a day. My goal is to loose as much as I can before we go to Aruba in March, and to be 116 lbs. less before I turn 60. I FEEL WONDERFUL,My goal is 160 lbs before I turn 60 and I have 11 months to allow my self to do it,as Don puts it WE have lots of time!!!! So I will be reading daily for all your help and support God bless you. Sandi:)
No diet pills, no pre-packaged food - 1/2 only WORKS (and I didn't even exercise!!!)
Woo-Hoo!! Way to go ME!! This may sound crazy but now, this gives me that motivation I need to start back on my exercise regime.
Thank you, Don and Coach!! I have to say I really had doubts - not about you or the program but in myself. This has really helped me!
I too am diabetic and have been on T&L for the past two weeks. Wonderful things have happened since I started the program! The first and most noticable is the fact that my blood glucose levels have gone down to where they SHOULD be instead of in the mid to hi 200's.... Praise be do Don!! I started off the program with getting complete blood work done and went to see my diatician and general doctor, mentioning that I would soon be starting the T&L program. Basically they said that any weight that I loose would help my diabetes tremendously and that maintaining good BG levels will help in the long run. I'm still on the diabetes meds, Glucophage and Glyberide, insulin at bedtime, but will get checked in 3 months to determine if with the T&L, exercising, eating right and loosing weight I may be able to cut back on the dosages!! With two weeks in I've lost 5 lbs!! I'm shooting for 2-4 lbs a week so I'm on my way to better health!! YOU CAN TOO!!
Thought I'd check in today. I lost 3 pounds my first week.
*During my TOM and with some holiday goodies still hanging around!*
I'm thrilled!
I am so happy not to be on a DIET this New Year.
I've been seeing all of the articles & ads in magazines & on TV.
Get going! Time to start your New Years diet! Etc, etc, etc.
And I feel a little funny for a minute. Like I'm late for something. LOL
I thought about it last night and I feel this huge sense of Freedom! (and relief)
I've been on a diet on & off for more than 30 years!
And I'm more than 80 lbs does that work?????
Now I'm not on a "diet"......I've eaten whatever I've wanted to this week and I've lost 3 lbs.
Of course I haven't finished a plate full of food all week either LOL.
(it's a little scary.....but I'm starting to trust it)
Kudos to all of you using the CD's with a diet plan. I'm sure you will have fantastic results.
But, I am so darn happy with the thought of never having to count points, calories, carbs or drink a stupid shake for lunch again....I can't even express it.
I am now using the Love to Exercise CD as well and I am looking forward to having a "normal" thin persons lifestyle.
Having control over my eating and being active is what I want.
Being healthy, attractive and happy! And never having to go on a diet again!
WoW it has been 4 weeks since i started on this new lifestyle.15 pounds I am so happy have not had a coke and the only sweet i eat is Fiber one bars and only half of it. (but it is enough to help my choc. craveing but adds exta fiber to my diet that i need.) all other sweets taste sicking. and i am getting out and walking 2 miles a day and doing yoga, before i as had to be made to do it.......... Ty Don you saved my life. I still have 40 punds to go. But i know i can loose it now. ty god bless and good luck to everyone.
My husband and I have discovered a great side effect to the Think and Lose program. It is going to a restaurant and actually sharing a meal. Imagine ordering only one meal and sharing it with your partner. IT IS GREAT! Also very cost effective!
We have really been listening intently to the other hypnosis programs to KEEP POSITIVE about this weight loss. We KNOW we didn't put the weight on overnight and do not EXPECT to drop the weight overnight so keeping the positive mind pumping is critical. The great benefit to this program is the no effort weight loss. It is becoming a natural way of life now. There is very little effort needed when your stomach actually SHRINKS. This is GREAT!
Thank you Don
This is the first time ever I wrote to a company that I bought a product from, but this system is a God sent!
I am spreading the word as fast as I can about this program! I can not tell you how this has helped me to 1 forgive those who have hurt me in the past and 2 to set boundaries when people are not showing respect in the present. My confidence is as high as when I was a high school athlete and Cheerleader! I love this program!
I am already so confident since using this program!!! I am setting boundaries when people are rude to me when I have never ever done this before!!! I am empowered for the first time since highschool!!!! (over 20 years ago!)
I listened to my tapes again on the MP3 player and I feel so reguvinated! I didn't think I needed the "Get rid of Anxiety and Fear" but after I was finished listening to it, I could visualize myself giving speeches and not being afraid! Again thank you for this wonderful gift as I write about 7 lbs lighter!
I have only been using the weight loss CD for 2 weeks, but I am already losing weight and all I want to lose it 10 lbs. It is so easy and I don't feel like I'm on a diet, I just don't craze food unless I'm hungry. My grocery bill has been significantly reduced. I have a 10 yr old son who gets occasional migraine headaches. He had a bad one today, vomiting, and crying that he can't take the pain. This went on for at least 2 hours, then I told him about my "pain loss" cd and he agree to listen to it. To my amazement is reduced his headache significantly after we listen to the cd the first time, and he requested a second time, then he rest for 15 minutes and got up with a smile on his face and ate something. He said his heachache was completely gone. I only whish I had thought of it a couple of hours sooner. I will know to use it next time. It is truly amazing. Thank you!
Okay, I'm completely amazed.
I received my TNL program last Friday (Dec 28). I watched the DVD that afternoon and listened to the CD that evening before bed. And then I listened to the CD Sat morning again (the 30 min).
On Sat I only had the urge to eat half of everything.
The same thing today. I'm blown away.
We met family for dinner tonight & I literally couldn't eat more than half of my hamburger and 4 onion rings. I purposely picked up another onion ring (I'm stubborn...had to test it) and took a bite and my stomach tightened up and it tasted really greasy. So I put it down & asked for a box.
I really want this to work. I really hope this will work. And I'm really ready for it to work.
But I'm completely shocked at how fast it worked. I figured that it would take a couple of days, maybe weeks to "kick in". But bam! And I hope that this will keep working.
Thanks Don! You've given me hope that I can finally get rid of this extra 80 pounds of fat that I've put on since having my children.
Happy New Year to all!
I ordered the TNL program because I would always finish my entire meal especially if I was eating out! I had no problem finishing an entire burger, fries and dessert. I knew I didn't "need" any more but could not stop. It was very frustrating to know it was a mental thing and yet having no control as my mouth watered looking at the food left on my plate. I have used TNL consistently for a month and have lost 8 pounds so easily it's amazing. Although my carvings for sweets is still there I am now satisfied after only a couple bits. I sit down to eat as often as before but eat slower, with smaller portions and feel more satisfied when I'm done. I just ordered the sleep hypnosis for my mother who has not been able to get moe than 3 hours a night for years. If it works half as well as the TNL for weight then I know she'll be feeling better in no time.
I figured it's free, I'll try it and never expected it to work, but it does. I couldn't be happier.
I'm sure all my family and friends are getting tired of me talking about all the changes I've been going thru with the TNL program. It isn't just my weight, it's about my happiness, my self image, my putting the past behind me, about my energy, my mood, my being able to sleep deeply and feel rested after 25 years of insomnia...and the list goes on and on....
They are very supportive and never tell me to shut up, but I am just soooo excited, I just can't stop talking about it!
Thanks to all of you for your support. Last week was tough with my asthma knocking me out of the running. But guess what, one week and 10 lbs. lighter. I am walking on cloud nine. I was really afraid that with the steroids that my lungs needed to open up so I could breath would cause me to put on pounds due to the horrible hunger pains that they cause. However, everytime I wanted to eat I would listen to the cd and choose if i really was hungry or if the meds were the problem. Thanks again to all of you and hope to talk soon.
I waited anxiously for my package and kept reading the posts and was encouraged. My package came on 1/30 and I watched the DVD and listened to the 30 min cd that night. Every night I have listened to the cd. I wasn't sure if I was sleeping during the suggestions or hypnotized but I wouldn't remember listening to all of the cd and then it was over.
Saturday, my son & I went out for breakfast and we both had breakfast burritos. I could only EAT HALF!! I know I would have been able to eat the entire thing before. My son, who is 8, ate it all and asked for more! For dinner that night, I had 1 slice of cheese pizza and was FULL!! This morning, I had to drive to work in terrible conditions and brought along some licorice to 'comfort' me. I ate a few pieces and COULDN'T EAT ANY MORE! I have had a small bowl of oatmeal today and I am eating a small bowl of rice with a few shrimp on top and I don't know if I can even finish it!! This is amazing!!!
I have to admit, while I was really encouraged by the board I was still skeptical. Well, this seems to be the real deal! I plan to weigh myself tomorrow so I will know if I am losing any weight but I AM EATING LESS!! I just wanted to share what I have experienced so far with everyone, especially those who are waiting for their cds to arrive.
It's truly amazing how quick this starts to work......if you let it! This program is so simple yet it's easy to get caught up and make it difficult! Anymore, I just plug in, relax and let Don do the rest!! It's a great break from my day.
Although my schedule last week didn't allow me time to listen as much as I normally do, every time I sat down to eat I thought to myself, "ooooh, I'm gonna really pig out on this!!!". And only ended up eating - yep, 1/2!!!!!! It's funny, I'll look at food portions and think "that's not gonna fill me up!" and it does and I end up having to take the other half home with me!! That really ticks off my brain!! I just laugh. Seems now, as hard as I try to sabotage this, it backfires. 'Bout time the table started to turn in our favor don't ya think?
The more I listen, the more is absorbed, weight goes down, and we are happy, happy, happy little people forever in-debted to Don!!!!
Okay, well another new week and another new day for all of us - which also means, one less cookie, slice of pie, serving of mashed potato's, gee, guess our grocery bills will also be reduced too!
I have been on the T&L program since mid December and have lost 15 lbs. I just want to go on record and say that more then the lbs lost, inches by far supercede. Everyone should keep in mind that you can not judge success by the numbers on the scale ONLY. I haven't lost any more weight but my clothes are definitely fitting better and I have been able to get into my smallest pair of jeans in my closet that I have not been able to wear since initially buying it. I totally love this program for many reasons and have made a concious decision to make it a part of my life forever. I purchased the Platinum Package but have only listened to the T&L, Breaking Bad Habits and Love to Exercise. Will expand into all of the others slowly but did not want to take my focus off the initial reason of my purchase. I wish everyone all the best and keep posting because by doing so, we all help one another.
I really like this program because its teaching me to change my way of life not just another diet to fail AGAIN,,,I have even started walking now 3 days straight and I even look forward to doing that everyday, Dons programs are so inspiring and motivating, if I miss listening to him I definately can tell a difference, so I make it a habit to carry the mp3 player every where I can, except when I am driving but any where else so I have it with me. I wish u much success in your life change and please keep in touch, I have completed 2 weeks and have lost 7 lbs and I am very pleased about that..
I have been using the T&L program for 6 weeks today. I could not be more happy!! I feel so very blessed. As a result of listening, I have been able to get my lazy body up to go to the gym 4 days a week at 5:30 a.m. The days I haven't gone I have felt like a lump. Food has not been a problem either. In fact today I went on a business lunch at one of my favorite restaurants and was able to eat only a small dinner salad. I had to "think" but it wasn't a hard choice at all. The waiter was both amazed and dissappointed. LOL. I look forward to going to bed to listen to the tapes. Regardless of how long or short it takes, I couldn't be happier.
I'm so proud of all of us for giving this program a try, & for knowing that it's the mind we have to work on, not some crazy diet!! I've been there & done almost all of them, but this is the only thing that worked on the mind & relieved the cravings & diet rebellion! Thanks so much, Don.
I have been on TNL program for 2 and 1/2 weeks and have lost 7 lbs and feeling great getting on track to a healthier me and feeling better about me is whats the most important thing I have gained out of this. My husband is starting to get his wife back and my boys are getting their mommy back and most of all Im getting ME back!!!!keep the great messages coming.
I would start a new, different program, & I would always initially lose some weight. THEN, ultimately, I would always defeat my own purposes with negative, pre-programmed, faulty subconscious thinking. Consciously, I wanted to lose all the weight, but my subconscious mind would NEVER allow me do it! Until now. I have finally found the secret to success, & it is with this hypnosis program. My subconscious mind is being retrained to want to eat sensibly & lose pounds, & it is happening! I am so excited to have finally discovered this answer to my subconscious dilemma.
I am totally amazed at how well hypnosis works for me! After listening to TNL the 1st time, my cravings were completely gone. I have listened to the other CDs and have had great results as well. Thanks Don!
I love this program. I am losing weight and sleeping better than I have in years. Thanks for helping those who have lost hope find it again.
OK, it's been 2 weeks, and I'm down another 3 pounds, for a total of 8 pounds gone! (Only 57 to go!) I can't listen to the full program at bedtime -- it always puts me to sleep -- so I listen to the 10 minute at bedtime and do the full one on my days off. I'm sleeping better than I have in years. This is such a wonderful way to lose excess weight -- I don't feel deprived at all. For example, today at work our manager put out HUGE big candy bars for everyone -- I just had a couple bites and I was satisfied. (and I LOVE chocolate!) Do I expect to lose 8 pounds every couple weeks? Of course not, but I do expect to keep losing at a reasonable rate. How cool is this.....
Thank you very much. I really appreciate this Think & Lose program. I'm 57 years old, and after years of trying this diet & that diet & failing & trying again and again, I've finally found the true answer to my weight loss dilemma. It is all in reprogramming faulty thinking in the subconscious mind. We now possess the power to succeed. I sincerely hope more & more people discover this true secret to weight loss success.
Today, after being on the "Think & Lose" program for one full week, I weighed in and I've lost 4 pounds!!! HOORAY! Last night ~ Valentine's Day ~ my husband & I went out to dinner, and try as I might, I could not eat more than half the food. My stomach tightened up, and I literally could not eat any more without feeling sick! So today, because I was so thrilled to realize this hypnotism is really working, I felt inspired to write the following Think & Lose poem ~ in honor of Don Mannarino. Here it is:
We've finally found the program,
And it is really great!
Don Mannarino's hypnotism,
To lose all of our weight!
It is powerfully working
In both my body and my mind ~
"Half only" says the brain,
While the stomach's in a bind.
Together we can do this,
Success is our true fate...
By just "eating half and leaving half"
Of the food upon our plate!
Think & Lose Today!
I've been using Don's program for about two months and every day I notice how much it works on my subconscious! I don't weigh myself anymore but my clothes are looser so I KNOW the weight is coming off. I've also stepped up my exercise routine consistently and I also try to quickly replace the old, fat thoughts about myself by visualizing myself at my goal weight wearing beautiful new clothes in activities I love!
It amazes me how it works sometimes! Sweet and salty snacks don't taste as good as they used to (thank goodness!) and even my old favorite fattening foods which I sometimes buy at my grocery store's buffet seem to have lost their appeal. I can never eat more than half and I end up sorry I wasted the money because it seems to have very little flavor. I know that's the hypnosis WORKING! This works SIMPLY by just committing to a few minutes a day of LISTENING to Don's CDs -- what could be easier?!
just wanting to let everyone know this is the best investment i have ever made. the mp3 player works great for at night in bed. it is little compact and works like a charm i love it. plus it is so easy to add your own music to it. i am so happy i got this. if anyone is thinking twice about buying the mp3 player don't stop yourself. invest in it now . i love mine. take care all.
I have been on think and lose for 5 weeks today what a great program i have lost 12.0 pounds so far and i am still going. i eat alot healthier now i am buying food with less fat and i only eat half when i eat the unhealthy stuff. i don't crave the sweets like i used to . i can tell i am losing alot of inches. i have a old pair of pants i could never think to get into and i tried them on the other day and i can almost button them now. a few more pounds down and i will be wearing them again. i have 40 more pounds to lose and i know i will be there by this summer. this is the best program i have ever found. i have tried so many diet pills in my life time and nothing worked so i basically gave up until i found think and lose one morning i was going through the shows and this is the best investment i made. thank you so much don. you are the best. keep up the great work all and i will keep you all posted how i am doing each week. i am on my way to a better me. and i feel better about myself to. thank you again don and coach . take care think thin
Ok I did it I got into a pair of hanger jeans. Hanger jeans you say , well those are jeans that have only been fitting the hanger in the closet, for quite some time. I have them in various sizes and when I get to to the smallest ones I will go get new jeans. then no more hanger jeans. I have been doing the program for 3 weeks and I am blown away by the response I am having, I feel so much better, I do not have poundage numbers because my scale is in the closet with the other hanger jeans until the morning I leave for Aruba, March 8th, I am not having any problem eating half and leaving half, nor do I have any cravings , candy corn ( I remember them) are part of my past, and I love it. So for all of you who are waiting for your packages and those of you who are going slowly and hanging in there I am a believer and a life time thin and slim person. I am so pleased the the MP3 palyer is going to Aruba where I will live the thin and slim mantra daily.....God Bless you all
I am so impressed with this program. I've struggled with my weight for the past 35 years. I've dieted myself fat. I definitely know how to diet, I just don't know how to keep it off. Several months ago I picked up Dr Phil's book on weight loss. I started to read that if I have 2nd helpings, it would be an additional 50 lbs per year, he went through all my bad habits and told how many lbs it meant. Also several months ago I went to my sons and his wife's for dinner. I was full when I got there, but I decided to eat anyway. Well Matt gave me a huge serving and I ate it, then Matt made the comment that I always have to have 2nds. I realized I have a brain problem here. My parents went through the depression so they taught me not to waste my food. I had to wipe my plate clean with a slice of bread every meal. I know I always went back for 2nds and thirds and fourths, etc. I have been looking for something to fix my brain. I had started on Nutrasystems the first of January, I did good for a week or two but deep down I knew that wasn't fixing my mental problems. I saw your info commercial around the 1st of February and ordered. I started one week ago. I absolutely love it. It seems to reach the areas that I was having problems with. Last Sunday we had a family dinner and of course I only ate half of my plate.. Well my son in law made his wise cracks, and I know that it would of thrown me off, but because of the positive affirmations in the tape I'm fine. I am very happy with my progress. Yes in a week I've lost 6 lbs. but that's not the important thing. The important thing is that I've only had half of normal servings each time. My brain seems to be getting fixed. I know it's important to listen to it daily if not twice a day, but this program seems to be an answer to my prayers. I know I'm going to be successful on this for the rest of my life. Life Don says, my mind got me into this problem, and my mind can get me out. Thanks So much.
I too feel so much better since I have been on this program. Best part is I don't realize that I am doing anything different, it is just happening that way. My loss is 14 pounds in 2 weeks so far.. But this is the first time that I actually believe that I will do it. It is so calming to listen to the cd's and that really makes it effortless. Good luck and you are right, food is not my main thought anymore. When I sit down to eat all I hear in my mind is, eat half, leave half, eat half, leave half. I go the refrigerator for something and I hear thin and slim, thin and slim. Then I see my weight flash in front of me. Does this mean that the hypnosis is working? I'll say it does.
I used to be a devout scale watcher until I realized it was making me neurotic and just plain crazy. I only weigh once per week on Saturdays now. The first week I lost 12 pounds and the second week I lost 2. I feel that I am losing now and my clothes are fitting so much better each week. As an example, a few years ago I bought a pair of jeans that I loved. Very stylish and so cool. They were a size 22, which I could not get into back then, but I kept them around just in case I found a weight loss program that works. This morning I tried them on and THEY FIT!!! Hello, that was an incredible moment for me, to go from a size 28 to 22 in 2 1/2 weeks. I am so thrilled.
hello all . i have the mp3 player and it is the best i also have the voice recorded key chain and i like that to. i thought that would help me when i am in the supermarket. but the mp3 takes the cake. they both are very helpful. i take my mp3 player and put it under my pillow at night and i put the ear buds in my ears and listen to it in bed then when i am done i know where it is when i wake up . with the cd player it is alot harder to keep under my pillow. but yes mp3 player is the best.take care
I looked back and noticed that in the three weeks of reading and one week of listening I have lost 11 pounds. I am so happy with the results that I am doing a happy dance. I am learning more every day and it has been wonderful meeting so many great people here on line. Here is to our continued success. Thank you Don and Coach for helping us literally save our lives.
Ok, all, here goes. After ordering,(it's been a week and a day so far) and still waiting for my package, I got on the scale this am. I also measure at the same time. A couple of my measurements were smaller, one by 1/2 inch, one by 1/4 inch. I thought "Hmmm", took a breath, and stepped on the scale. Then I stepped off. Then I stepped back on to be sure I saw what I saw. I did. 5 pounds less!!!!
Now I'm REALLY waiting to get the program!!
Hi, Ive had my program for about 3 weeks. Now the scale is depressing for me, when i weigh it doesnt budge very much. I didnt weight in before I started the program but did about a week after i started. I think I have lost about 5 lbs.(so the scale says) BUT!!! the really cool thing is that I feel diffrent! I FEEL more in control of eating, I DONT want to finish all my food, I dont FEEL like Im deprived of what I want, and the sweets and stuff dont really satisfy me, I eat sweets much less than I would of in the past. I will eat maybe a small handful of m&ms or something like that and I dont want anymore! i dont eat candy very often anyways, but before I would eat and eat until I felt sick. Heres the kicker, I found some old pants that i havent worn for about a year because they were just to tight and uncomfortable to me, I can wear them now and they fit great!
I have alot more confidence in myself and when i walk around at work I feel thinner! I use the cd when Im going to bed and i think I might go to sleep very soon after i start listening to it, so I have started trying to listen while Im awake more often. I really relaxes me. i have listened to the 30 min. one every night since i got it and try to listen to the short ones once a day. My tummy seems to be shrinking, and my sides feel different, thinner,and my legs feel thinner, I even went for a walk last weekend! I feel restless and want to be more active!
I don't mind grocery shopping now and planning meals. My focus is not on the food any more. I enjoy eating healthy foods again and having the occasional sweet. I can't help but smile when this feeling of being in control comes over me. My husband wants to know what my "secret" is when he catches me smiling at times for no reason. More often than not I've been been feeling euphoric, and I can't help it. For me I think it is a combination of listening to the CDs, taking the energizer supplements (I call them my happy pills) and finally being in control of my body again. Since I started the program (January 5) I've lost 10 lbs and have been able to get back into a few of my clothes that didn't fit anymore (another reason to smile). I have about 15 more lbs. to go to my magic number and I know that it will happen again. This time around I WILL REMAIN THIN and SLIM AGAIN!
I felt in the beginning like I still had to use some willpower but eventually I had to use less & less until it just came naturally. In the past I had a huge hang up over diets. I couldn't stand someone telling me what I had to eat, it would generate a lot of anxiety so needless to say I never stayed on them long enough to benefit. Sometimes just the thought of having to give up control on what I ate made me eat more. But since using T&L I don't freak out over diets anymore. I know this program is not a diet and I have lost weight using it all by itself but recently I needed to speed things up due to an event coming up soon. It's a diet that I'd done before in the past and it was pure hell before. Now it's a breeze because I'm not so obsessed with food anymore. After my event I will continue on just T&L by itself because it DOES work by itself and there's NO deprivation so it's something you can do for the rest of your life. I fully intend on listening to Don for the rest of my life. Sure I may get to a point where I don't need to everyday like now but I know it will always be there if and when I ever need it. I'm so looking forward to reaching my goal and staying there forever. So far 18 lbs lost! 65 to go. But for the first time since I've been over weight I truly believe I will get there. Before I used to hope, now I KNOW.
I have been on this program for 5 weeks, I had to go the doctor because I had a bladder infection, because I had not been drinking enough water. I never get on the doctor scales in his office because they only go to 350 lbs anything over that, they have to put an extra weight on. They did that to me a couple of times, and the nurse kinds of look at me funny with a look of disgust on her face. I told myself I will never get back on a scale again. When i got on this program I weigh 371,I have notice that my pants and shirts have been fitting me loosely. So she ask me to step up on the scales, I always tell her no and told her that I weigh 371, to spare me the embarrassment of her adding that extra weight on the scales, but this time I told her yes, when I got up there I thought why in the world did you do that, here come that extra weight peice. Well quess what she said Dorthy you weigh 349 I almost fell off the scales, she did not have to add that extra piece anymore. I was so happy. My doctor said what have you been doing to lose 22 pounds. I told him eating only half my food and at nite when I come home instead of eating a full meal, I will eat a 1/2 bowl of cereal of some fruit, he said keep up the good work, Thank you God and Don. PS I got me a soda today and had to throw it out did not want it.
I am writing in affirmation to cement and continue my progress. This is also to encourage those out there who are still wondering and hesitant. I was very skeptical and no I did not get tingling and I never felt like it was working, I did not feel like a zombie in a trance so I thought this was not working.
I started on January 26th, I honestly do not know how much weight I have lost nor do I want to know right now, all I know is that my clothes feel great, people are telling me I look great. Now let me tell you what made me how I know it is working, my biggest craving was everything sweet and then some, especially half gallon containers of ice cream I would devour in one sitting, that was my best friend. Now I go to the store and I stand in front of the freezer and no emotion whatsoever, at the office I pass by all the sweets containers. They have cake and I say no, as a matter of fact now that I see those things, I really do think I get queezy. My breakfast used to be four slices of bread I now eat one. I am making better choices, I am loving salads , my dead mother would be proud of me. Do I need to go on? People it works, and what is great for me is that there is no restriction, so I am able to eat all that I love - half only. I buy Chinese and once I get home I portion in out in about six containers, I live alone. I used to order the pizza specials and have me a pity party, no longer, I still eat pizza when they have it at the office but I have started choosing not to bring it home. There is the control which I am still learning to master, and I may have a bad day, but then I analyze and see what triggered that go back to the CD's and know what to do in the future. I listen whenever,at nights, early morning, I even listen in my office at my desk and no I do not fall asleep, I find Don's voice so soothing. So to all I say thanks for your encouragement and keep up the good works, I am in this for the long haul to be thin and slim forever.
It has been a little over a month already that me and my daughter started this. We are both amaze and feeling good. I haven't weigh myself except when I went to the my doctor 2 weeks ago, I had lost 21 pounds than. He was very happy with that lost, he said if i keep losing the weight,I might can come off of my blood pressure meds, my pressure was excellent. My daughter has also lost weight, her doctor told her if she keeps losing she will not have to use her sleeping machine at night anymore, because the weight was keeping her from breathing at nite, she had sleep apnea. Now people are asking me Dorothy you are losing weight girl. I can tell in my clothes and when I go out to eat, I eat only half and put the rest in a doggie bag and eat it the next day for lunch. My stomach lets me know when I try to eat over half, I start feeling sick, so I stop. The other night at work I got a Dr. Pepper and throw it out, I took a sip and I did not want it, so I got some decaff green tea with splendra. We are making healthier choices, we also got us a George Foreman grill to cook our chicken and fish and veggies. Just want to say on behalf of my daughter and me, Thank you for saving our lives and helping us to gain new confidence and positive mental attitudes about ourself and food.
Hello. I finally got my program yesterday! I'm so excited about it. I'm trying to keep a good attitude about it. (All my past experiences I have failed). Anyways, I did listen to the Restfull Night Sleep CD last night and for the first time in about 6 yrs. I slept all night. I work at our hospital in the lab and we have to take call. So I don't ever get a good nights sleep. I usually wake up 4-5 times throughout the night. So I never feel fully rested. I listen to the CD around 8:30 friday evening and the first time I woke up I looked at the clock and it said 5:30 a.m.!! I could not believe I slept that long and never woke up. So with just this one thing happening to me so far, I believe this program is going to work!!
This program is awesome, I can't believe I have lost 18 pounds without starving.
I received my Letting Go of Anger & Depression CD a couple of days ago, and that is a Godsend. It has helped me tremendously. The first night I listened to it, I think I needed and wanted it soooo bad, I became the most relaxed I have ever been. I listened to every word. Tears even rolled down my cheeks, but they weren't "sad" tears. I am not for sure how to explain it.
Hey everyone! Went to my grandson one-year old brithday party tonite. And had a blast, My daughter had all kinds of food and even a big cake, I really wasnt that hungry like I normally would be, My husband said look at your plate, I just automatically made me half a plate of food, I wasnt even thinking about it, I just did it. I knew the time when I would have side broads on my plate pile high with food. i ate what I had on my plate and I was full, I did not even get brithday cake, I did not want any. My husband was very impressed, he said that he watch me put only healthy food on my plate and skip the fries food without skipping a beat. I also used to bite my nails, since I was a young girl, Since I had started this program I have no desire to bite my nail anymore. WOW this is so weird to me that after all these years that now I choose to eat what I want to eat and that is healthy and 1/2 only.I went thru my old clothes in my closet and now I can wear about 15 shirts that I could not get into before. I have more energy now that I stop thinking about food all the time. All my cabinets and refrigator has healthy food in them now. My whole family is eating this new lifestyle. My back does not hurt anymore, I could pick up my grandson and play with him without getting out of wind, can climb my steps without being winded. I get up earlier in the morning feeling good about my self. I just turned 55 years on March 12 and I feel good. Thank you Don and crew for caring to help people get our mind on track. the doctor had wanted me have the gastric bypass operation, but I told him no that is not a healthy way to lose weight to me. My brother had one and lose about 100 pounds, but because that was a quick fix and he did not renew his mind about food, He still ate the same and gain all that weight back. So when I lose so more weight I am going back to that doctor and show him How I lose the weight I needed to lose without any one cutting on me and I learn how to be slim and trim forever.
After the first day I was a little hestant about the porgram, but I thought what the heck, I'll keep trying. The next day I ran some errands and stopped at Burger King for a meal. I got the small meal as I usually got but after 1/2 way through the burger I decided I didn't want the rest (I did not link this event with my program , yet!). Later I finally realized, I was thirsty and I continually drank water instead of my usual diet soda. Then each time I would reach in the fridge, I'd get fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese as a snack insted of cookies or chocolate. I noticed these changes the second week. They came so naturally, without me even thinking about the choice. But also was amazing the 2 times that I ate out of boredom. It was on a Friday night, watching TV, I ate a bagel and a 1/2 turkey breast sandwich, then nibbled on cheese crackers.
I noticed that I was getting sick afterwards - I had a lot of indigestion and gas. It didn't strike me until the next day what had happened. It was REALLY my stomach telling me to STOP EATING that I did not need the food! I have started feeling better too! It's really amazing how your choices changes after listening to this program. It is our brains making us fat - because we listen to what we think it's telling us. Thanks a lot Don for this program. I am also listening to the "Love to Exercise" and "Sleepless Nights" sessions daily!! I plan on listening to the others that I purchased too. I KNOW IT WILL WORK!! I can't wait to see how the next two weeks go!
Quite a few of my clothes that have not seen the light of day for far too long are out and looking good on me ! I've been doing the program for a couple months -- lost weight right away and then nothing for several weeks. I hung in and kept on keeping on, added in the breaking bad habits and love to exercise tapes a few times, changed around the frequency of the programs, and voila! I'm back in business ! Down 12 pounds and a couple sizes -- LOVE THE PROGRAM !!! I've been overweight most of my adult life and have tried every crazy diet and trick out there short of surgury. THIS ONE WORKS !!!!!!!!!
This is my first week and I have lost ten pounds. I listen to the 30 minute version every night before bed and the 10 minute version mid-morning. The other session to which I have been listening daily is increasing productivity and energy. I find the hypnotic state to be relaxing and actually quite enjoyable.
Started the program the middle of January with the Think and Lose using the MP3 player. Have lost 12 lbs and 2 pants sizes! In addition, I feel better and using the Pain Control tape has helped with arthritis pain. Also like the other programs. Very easy and relaxing!
One of my friends asked me the other day what I liked about the hypnosis.. LOL I told her I could write a book about it.. The program is Life Changing!!!!!! I have stopped taking the sleeping pills I have been on for 12 yrs. I don't take as many pain pills for my leg as I was taking before the program. My hubby and I are communicating about situations that arise where as before we would just deal with it in our own ways. I am calmer in sooo many ways. I Adore the "Nothing and No One" !! My hubby still tries to put more food on my plate.
The biggest thing!! Before starting this program Don suggests that we give up coffee. I said out loud "No way am I giving up MY coffee". LOL Well Don had the last laugh!! I can't handle the smell of coffee now. I now drink Green Tea and flavored water.
On Tues I will be on this program 4 weeks also.
You are sooooo right.. Small changes, Make all the difference.
I have tried every diet.. Yes they were successful - but only for so long. Life would happen and I would give up..
What Don does is works on all the things that make all those diet plans not work.
As the coach mentioned each person will have different results.
I can eat anything and not be deprived because of a "Diet". To answer your question,, No I am not on some other diet plan along with this program. So if I really want that chocolate, I can have it - only 1/2 serving of what I would normally have.
I have been on this program a month and have lost 8lbs, & 5 inches overall. But it is the other things that have been more important to me.. I use the Pain CD - I am not taking any pain pills because of that program. I am not taking any sleeping pills. I was on them for 12 yrs. I am not drinking coffee, I now drink green tea. I don't sweat the small stuff - life is too short. So sit back - relax and enjoy the program!
Why am I a success story - Because of Don and his program, his coaches, and ALL the people on this forum.
WOW! What power! I have had two days in a row of eating 1/2 and leaving1/2 - which means throwing food AWAY! Don't know about any of the rest of you, but it was POUNDED into me as a kid to clean the plate-the power rush of throwing food away makes me want to do it more! It has taken about 10 days for the CD's to sink in but now I listen to the 30 minutes at bed time and the 10 minute when I get home from work and then the stress reduction CD at some point in the afternoon-I hope and pray I have FINALLY found what clicks!
Tried every diet but they didn't stick. TNL has done so much for me. It gives us the power not only to eat less but to eat better. Counting calories/points, so many times have I forgone breakfast and even lunch so as to use them at dinner only to find that I used those alloted calories and so many more! (I know, you've all been there). Now as I sit here this morning at my breakfast consisting of a drink of ground flaxseeds mixed with milk and lightly sauteed mixed vegetables with coconut oil (instead of butter) with chia seeds and fresh parsley on top I am fully prepared and even looking foward to my (new) daily trek to the gym with Don's voice in my ear. And that is after my fairly strenuous chores in the barn are done. Chips are my downfall but now if I indulge I eat organic tortilla chips, a small bag, and it lasts for several days. In the past I could eat a large bag in one sitting and look for candy after they were finished. I FEEL REALLY GOOD, Thank you so much Don and everyone at TNL! That includes all you great people writing in.
I have tried every weightloss program I ever could over the years. Finally in 2001 I was having serious back pain from all my yoyo diets and had reached over 300lbs. So I had weightloss surgery. I had the DS which is the most effective wls but also the most dangerous. They actually cut out half of my stomach. And within the next year I lost 160lbs. (I eventually had a bowel obstruction about a year later, had to have more surgery and most of my small intestine was removed).
I lost the weight and i could eat only small portions, yet My eating habits did not change, I like chocolate anything,cake,candy,ice cream whatever, so for the next few years I still ate chocolate more than I should. I did not exercise at all(hated it!). I do most of my work at the computer so I was sitting all day and long story short over the past 5 yrs i have managed to gain back 60lbs.
Now that is really not a lot considering I put forth no real effort to change my eating habits. However I had a self awareness awakening at the beginning of this year, you see i am turning 50 in a few weeks(april 13) and something about turning 50 has triggered this need to find the "Fountain of youth" in me. And everything I read or try says EXERCISE.
So At the beginning of the year I decided to start walking, however i was still not able to conquer my eating habits, and after having weight loss surgery and almost dying in the process i began feeling like a failure.
(Would i do the wls again YES, would i recommend it to others, NO. NOT UNLESS YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. It's a last resort and it is only a tool not a cure.
That is what most people fail to realize or fail to learn. I am just now learning it after regain.) However the tool does still work so now i have added exercise to my daily life, and the pounds are coming off again.)
But overcoming the all day hunger was unbearable until now. The first day with Don was amazing it was right before lunch, and I fixed my lunch and was so full by HALF I was in awe.
I played the tape at night, then again the next morning. Then i went out that morning to run errands. I decided to get a sausage biscuit from McDonalds. And guess what I only wanted half! I was so happy, and this is how my day goes. I have only had half of everything for the past 2 days. And I had my chocolate ice cream and didn't even want half of it, i didn't want it!!!! wow!!!
My main downfall is late night eating,-- eating after 7pm, I simply could not stop before i started listening to The tapes with Don.
Now I listen to the 2 minute tape right at 7pm and I am no longer hungry after 7pm! I also listen to the exercise tape and the pain tape and they all work for me.
I can't wait to exercise i love it!(I was walking 30 mins, now i walk 1 hour or more) And my back pain is going away. This program is like precious jewels to me, if I had to leave everything in my house and only take one thing it would be these tapes.
Also,I got on the scale this morning(2 days later) and I had dropped 5lbs!
Now 3-4 is probably from the walking I was doing before the tapes came but I am looking forward to more weightloss with the tapes. thanks and i will check in with progress reports as soon as i can.
I bought Don's cd's to lose some weight. Little did I know how his positive thinking cd's would change my life.
I know losing weight is a big seller, but you seem to play down his other cd's & I think they are the best.
Please tell Don he has change my life, & given me a hope & confidence I desperately needed.
I have started using the lose weight cd's more regularly since I have a 50th high school reunion coming up this fall. I should be the "Belle of the Ball" thanks to your program.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Skinny as a child and young adult, I had NO IDEA how hard weight loss could be. Well, now I do.
I tried a couple of diets for short times, but...
I don't like special food
I don't like being told I can eat this and not eat that
I don't like eating different from my husband
I don't like weighing my food
I don't like having food be all I think about: there are other things in life
What I like about this program is I don't have to do any of the above. This program is easy on my husband, too; he dosen't have to deal with a fussy b____ who can't have whatever and feels deprived.
And, I get the luxury of true relaxation a few times a day. So nice.
I have been using the program for two and half weeks and have lost 20 pounds. Needless to say, I am ecstatic! The tapes have been a real blessing. Being able to eat half and leave half has been much easier than I ever imagined.
Thanks to Don, the coaches and all the members who post on the forums. Reading the responses has been a great motivator for me.
That is what happened with Diet Coke - I drank at least one every day (afternoon boost) and now don't want them at all. They just don't taste good anymore! I'm really happy about that. Hmmmm...hypnosis vs. caffeine...I think I'll take mind over matter!
Good morning, I could not wait til my cd's arrived kept calling to see when shipped, well I recived them and sat right down and put that in was not sure the first day but now i'm in my 4th day and WOW!! Last night only ate half but realy didnt get it at first my tummy was full so I put one more bit in and WOW WOW WOW did i have a TUMMYACHE, I get it now then this morning i ate only half oh my thank you thank you Don you are my life saver. The other thing I know it is still only 4 days but when will I stop making excusses not to go to curves to work out I just do not have the motivation to go yet.
I weighed this morning and have lost 5 pounds since last wed only started program on [tue 4-8] YEAH YEAH I am so very excited Thank you again.
I too have had a bad chocolate habit and my salt cravings have always been for fritos. I made fudge for a present for my brother the other day and did not even want to lick the spoon! I was amazed! I just don't have that craving for chocolate that I had less than a month ago! If I eat some, because somewhere in my head I think I miss it, it just doesn't taste that great and I just keep pushing it around in my mouth and don't even really want to swallow it. Now I am completely surprised at this!
When I listen to the cd and Don speaks of the sugary sweets, etc. that do not satisfy your mind anymore, I add chocolate and ice cream to this list. This worked immediately for ice cream. I have had ice cream in my freezer for days and have had no desire to have any of it.
I still plan on ordering the new cd because there are other subjects on it I want to get help with, like sabotage. It seems like people are always pushing food at me now and I want support so I can say NO!
Okay, I started the T&L program in mid December. So far I'm down 26 pounds!!!! the weight loss is a little slower for me because I have hypothyroidism, so for those of you with thyroid issues I'm living proof it can still work. I just recently started listening to Peak Performance and I have to say what a great program it is. It's really helping with my self esteem and also helping to erase some fears and anxieties about losing weight and my body image. For any of you out there who are wondering if the program will work for you, IT WILL....but the time frame is different for everyone. As you can see from these message boards, with some it clicks right away and for some it takes a little bit longer. Don't give up!!! Please forward a HUGE THANK YOU to Don on my behalf....if not for him I'd still be stuck in a rutt and would be 26 lbs heavier and feel horrible about myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!
I purchased the program a little while ago, but only just started using it because I'm type 2 diabetic. (I was considering if the program would be right for me with the 1/2 only concept in relation to diabetes.) Since starting 4 days ago I have noticed that when preparing my meal I am only placing what I'm allowed or need to eat for that meal on my plate. So far it has only been healthy foods. (I even 'measured' my portions Go figure.
So, it appears that my mind and Don's suggestions have met the understanding that I'm doing my "half only" before the food hits the plate. I have not had a problem eating my meals and have not had the cravings. I feel satisfied with what I've eaten and don't want more and no longer insist on having that 'dessert' that we both know -no diabetic needs but wants. When I have to have my mid-meal snack, again, I'm only portioning a very healthy and reasonable amount. I was even at a church covered dish dinner last night and to my astonishment never even looked at the dessert table.
I hope this helps you some. If you can come to an understanding with your mind before your meal, portion only what you need for that meal or snack and eat all of it, (remember you did your halving before placing it on your plate), you may feel more satisfied. Your sugars should run more true and that should reduce the cravings. If you know you have eaten a balanced meal and you still crave - CHECK your sugars FIRST before putting more food in your mouth.
I watched the DVD, and since the 30 minute program follows I just stayed where I was and did the whole thing. And when I got up the next morning and started fixing breakfast I was already changing my bad habits. What a wonderful surprise it was!
This morning I am still doing great! half breakfast and off to work. I really feel good, even energized. I am so thrilled. People are saying, "Wow, you're in a good mood!" ...and I am.
I listened to the cd about 9pm and I didn't go lie down until about 12:30pm. I listened to the 10 minute program before I even got out of bed the next morning.
I was very worried about snacking when at home last night. Like I heard someone say in another post, "eating a meals worth of calories, before dinner"...i am so guilty of that. It is the worst time of day for me. It's like a switch goes off and I go on an eating spree and then I eat dinner...but not last night. I cooked. I stayed out of the kitchen when I didn't need to be in there. My guys,(husband and two sons) went out for a while and I was home alone...huge flags are going up, dangerous situation, me, alone at home with food. I have that "if no one sees me eat it, it doesn't count" disorder. So I listened to the 2 min power program and busied myself and it worked. I did NOT snack or sneak. Unbelieveable! Thanks for your response and your support.
I think one of the hardest things for some of us on TNL is to have complete faith that this will be the one program that will work for us. Many posts have a tone of "will this really work for me?" and "I have been doing this but it has not kicked in yet." I have dieted most of my life and at first I approached this as a similar weight loss type of program with expectations and doubts as to if I would finally be successful based on past experiences. I have always tried to use willpower as a means to achieve my weight loss goal and have always gained back the weight because I have "given in" to temptations.
Recently I have realized that this method is totally different. I have learned this from a book I'm reading called The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. One important thing Don says is to be in agreement with the suggestions that are made to the subconscious mind. If the conscious mind has not yet come into this agreement with the suggestions placed in the subconscious mind then a conflict arises. I think that harboring any doubts that this method will succeed starts self-sabotage. We are so used to thinking thoughts like losing weight is hard, I have so much to lose I will never be able to do it, and it may work for her but I'm not sure it will work for me. Many of us try to make it much harder than it is by worrying about the one-half portion thing.
So the point of this (long!) post is to say that I think eliminating any doubts that this will work is one of the keys to having it work. This program is totally different from other ways of losing weight and must be recognized as such. Throw away your willpower and use your belief power to make this as easy as it really is!
Thanks, Don. I love that you come and answer our questions. I don't think there's any other program available that that happens.
Hello everyone.My program arrived yesterday.I've watched the DVD and listened to the 30 min cd twice. Wow, its like a drug.Does this make any sense? After I listened to the program last night, I only ate half a banana and half a yogurt! Not sure why but thats all I wanted. I even threw the other half in the trash. Thats a big step for me as well. But thats better than eating twice as much. Better in the trash than on my gut, right?
I have been on the program for about 3 weeks and I have lost 16 lbs. I have tried other weight loss plans and they work for a while. But after about a month or even sometimes less I always begin to slip. I am happy to not have to tell myself NO. I can have what I want. I can have some ice cream, but I don't want to eat a whole pint in one setting. I can have candy but I don't want the whole bag. I believe that I have finally found something that will help me become healthy again.
There must be something to this program. Since starting the program, I've finally started to let the old ideas GOOOOOOOOOOOO.
I can eat half, and leave half on my plate and not feel guilty.
The ideas drummed into my head as a yound boy are finally leaving after 60 years.
My wife is suprised and happy.
Being 60 yrs. old and overweight is a real DRAG.
I was always thin in my youth, but the weight and age just snuck up on me.
I'll be retiring this year and want to be healthy for myself and my family.
I'm a very active person and want to enjoy this stage in my life.
Now for the good news.
In the first week on the program, I've lost 5lbs. Though this may seen small, my attitude has changed.
The change is both mental and physical.
I keep the MP3 player with me and use it for quick motivation.
I'll be purchasing the keychain this week.
For some reason, I don't feel alone on this quest anymore.
I know the weight didn't come on in a week and will not be gone in a week.
Again, Thanks for the HELP in changing my Life and Attitude towards food.
I got my "Popular Request Series" cd and the one on Emotional Eating was the trigger I needed. I have only listened to it four times and it is working !!!
I know it is because today at work there are trays of cookies, pies, brownies and cakes and I have NO DESIRE to eat them !
I cannot believe this !
Everytime I think I want it I do the trick mentioned in the cd !
I am on my way !!!
Here I am, a month into the program and I have lost 19 lbs. YAY! I was soo happy to see that my clothes are a bit baggy on me.
I have tried several different diet plans. The last one was not only expensive but hard to follow. It was a no sugar, only 20 carb a day diet. I had to take pills and lasix to counter the effect the diet pills had on my blood pressure and once a week i had to get a b12 vitamin shot. It was soo hard and although I lost 15 lbs in the first month the second month did nothing but make me depressed. I quit it and gained the weight back.
Then, one day I was looking for something to watch on tv and saw the infomercial for Think and Lose. I watched it and realized that the people talking were not super skinny and trim like all the other people in weight loss adds. And with the 30 day free trial I thought , " why not" . Trying it was the best thing I have done in a while.
Now I have recommended it to my friends and co-workers.
My husband got up this morning and listened to the the Pain Relief CD which arrived Saturday. At first he wasn't sure about it especially when Don talked about the tingling in the hands. Since he has severe rheumatoid arthritis, tingling in the hands usually means pain. Then Don says something about a bright light and my husband GOT IT! Afterwards he was able to lift both arms over his head with NO pain for the first time in months. He's one very happy camper today!!!!
Thanks Don!
I have been listening to the program for 1 month now and began to feel significant changes after about two weeks. At 3 weeks I noticed my weight starting to go down. I've lost 3 lbs since starting which is great for me. I only have 14 lbs to reach my "number" and have never lost quickly.
Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to share how everyone is doing on a day-to-day basis. I've scoured the threads and felt this would be a good way to support, cheer each other on and offer advice for any setbacks.
By the way, I have all of the programs now and I LOVE the popular request series! They are really going to help me straighten out my thinking.
I'll start out by saying that even though I've had some success, today was not a good day for listening to my body. I let some donuts into the house, overate them and have had the wonderful/awful tension and tightening of my stomach. I actually feel nausea. I've learned a couple things from this...1.Even though I feel "cured", I still need more time and need to keep trigger foods out of the house. 2. I sabotaged myself today...keep listening to the "sabotage" program. 3. One bad day doesn't undo what I've done so far. My body is telling my I made a mistake.
I got my "Popular Request Series" cd and the one on Emotional Eating was the trigger I needed. I have only listened to it four times and it is working !!!
I know it is because today at work there are trays of cookies, pies, brownies and cakes and I have NO DESIRE to eat them !
I cannot believe this !
Everytime I think I want it I do the trick mentioned in the cd !
I am on my way !!!
Wow! I'm amazed! Forgive me for doubting, but it really does work!!!
I got off to a rocky start. Before bedtime I relaxed and popped the DVD into my computer. I got through it and into the hypnosis session--relaxed up to my neck (literally)when my computer died! I was so relaxed that I was barely able to get up, stagger to the CD player and get the CD into it. I was finally able to start over, but wasn't too sure how things would go with the interruption. Before I got out of bed I listened to the 10-minute session. All day I ate 1/2 and was satisfied. During the evening I had my usual ice cream, but this time only 1/2 cup. Usually I have a cup then go back for more because it tasted so good! But this time I was completely satisfied with the smaller amount and no desire for more.
I'm positive that this time I'll actually make my goal. I was thin until in my 40's (I'm 71)and think of myself as thin until I look into the mirror. Finally I'm going to match the "me" in the mirror to my self-image. I'm gonna make it this time!
Guys, guys, guys!!! I received my CD's on Saturday and I am simply amazed! I had not weighed myself prior to starting because that is one of the most depressing things for me to do. Anyway, after 6 days, I can just tell things are going down!!! I know my body very well and I know which spots start dropping first.
Forgive me men but, I have to say this to the ladies. Ladies, I know you understand when your bra gets tight due to your back getting larger, well for the first time in I can't say when, I was actually able to turn my bra around without sweating!! You know that is major! That's how I know things are changing.
I am sooooooooooo excited, I haven't felt this good and positive in a great while. I had actually stopped looking at my self in the mirror and now I am beginning to actually see myself differently. To those of you still waiting, it is definetly worth it. I will weigh next Friday, I think by then I will know for sure!
Have a good one all!
I have been on the think and lose program for a month now and am putting my fork down between bites,eating half only, parking far away from the store door and racing my husband from the store to the car, SINCE WHEN has that ever, ever happened to me!!! I'am 10lbs lighter also! This is absolutely amazing! Thank You sooo much Don!!! Donna
I've been on the TNL program for about 2 weeks now and so far I have lost 11 lbs ! I have noticed a real change in my attitude towards food. I've always been bad about eating just because I was bored and it seemed a good idea at the time, but I only eat now when I am hungry. I've never been one to eat breakfast-but I do now. I'm always a eat fast and eat on the run person, but now I've been taking my time and enjoying what I eat and I realy do notice that I am full and eat much less. I am finally seeing that I can and will be thin and slim again! Thank Don!
I've felt it too. I have noticed when I have taken my kids out to eat fast food that I no longer order fries and I seem to order the grilled chicken sandwiches or salads instead of the Big Mac or Whopper with Cheese and King size onion rings . I was at the Dairy Queen the other day and watched my kids eating Dilly bars and Blizzards and didn't even consider getting one for myself-I had an Ice Tea? I've never been able to pass up a MooLatte before !
Do not despair! These programs will give you so much energy, you'll be amazed. Exercise after a day at work seemed like a chore to me, too. I work long days also, and all I wanted to do was get home and take a nap! Every since I started listening, my energy level has just soared.
My supervisor at work says I "bounce". I never bounced before! I work all day, go home, listen to my programs to de-stress and then jump on the treadmill for 1/2 an hour.
Trust me - you'll love the way TNL will make you feel! Welcome to the program.
I've got a terrible sweet tooth, too! I've never met a doughnut I didn't like. Cookies, cakes (especially cheesecake), anything that's sweet and has lots and lots of fat. And chocolate - don't even get me started rhapsodizing about chocolate!
Let me tell you about an interesting experience I had at work the other day. Whenever we have a staff meeting, the boss brings in a big box of my favorite doughnuts. I was getting a cup of coffee before the meeting and the doughnuts were sitting right on the counter next to the coffeepot.
As I was pouring my coffee, I could smell the doughnuts. After a couple of seconds, my stomach started doing flip-flops. I couldn't stand the smell of them! I didn't even want to look at them. I closed the lid on the box and walked away. That has never, ever happened before.
I've been using TNL since May 1st. The first couple weeks were somewhat hard as far as trying to "half only" sweets. I've reached a point though, where instead of eating something sweet, I grab an orange or some applesauce or some raisins and eat those. Every once in a while I'll have a piece of chocolate, but after a couple of bites, even that doesn't taste good.
Like Don says, keep listening. You don't have to give up sweets completely. Unlike other programs that are big on denial and "forbidden" foods, there is nothing you have to deny yourself as far as food goes on TNL. The more you listen, the more the concept of "half only" sinks in and the better able you are to judge what's healthy and what's not.
I have Fibromyalgia also and have to eat something with my meds. Since I was diagnosed several years ago, I've gained 25 pounds. It's been a constant battle and a vicious cycle between eating, gaining weight, and trying to exercise through the pain. Don's programs have given me hope and some great weapons to fight with! Besides the TNL programs, I listen to the Pain Relief and Restful Sleep every day.
Hang in there! The most important thing - KEEP LISTENING!
I am feeling calm about food, which is such a blessing. I am just not stressing about, 'what will I eat', 'how will I stop myself', 'can I talk myself into or out of dessert'. It is great!
My package came in two weeks. I was itching to go by the time I got it. I had seen the infomercial several months ago, and thought, 'that's interesting, I wonder if it really works.' Then I began watching that short program that was on TV in March and April, Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin. It combines behaviorism and visual imagery. Some interesting suggestions, but I found it so hard to implement them. I have been using a low-carb diet, which I have success with and feel great on, but whenever I 'slip' it is very difficult to get back on. It is like the sugar takes over. I was moaning to myself about keeping my motivation up, and in that mood, saw the Think and Lose infomercial again. I decided to try it, and got very hopeful, that it would give me the additional spark I need. I listened the day after it arrived, and saw changes in my behavior at once! Things I wasn't expecting, like eating slower, and that I hadn't even consciously picked up on listening the first few times. It is early days yet, but I have eaten a sweet two times in the past two weeks, and been able to eat just a little, and what is better, STOP with that little and not spiral downwards.
I hope you have as good success when your program arrives. The wait is worth it! I have a total of 40 pounds to lose to get to what I feel would be reasonable, or 55 for my dream weight. The first week I had the dramatic water loss of 10 pounds, the second a much more reasonable three, so I am hoping to hit my first goal around September. Maybe you'll be there then, too!
I'm a type 2 diabetic. When I started this program, about 1 1/2 months ago I was taking metformin, actos and 45 units of lantis. (I'm also on SEVERAL other meds for other medical conditions.) I also have been told that it will be almost impossible for me to lose weight because of my conditions and because of the meds.
Well I'm here to say that I'm down at least 10# or so. (I stopped getting on the scale, except for my weekly weigh in, because it gets too depressing.) BUT, I stopped taking metformin and the lantis is down by 5 units. By using Don's program, I do not crave the sweets and carbs as much as I used to, and by reducing them I have been reducing my blood sugars. And, NO, I'm not working at it because I'd give anything for bread and ice cream. The TNL program is responsible.
Ah-ha! proof that we can, we will, and we will continue to succeed because we want to! As Don usually says, "Stay positive."
I didn't notice the forums until after I received my programs. Now I'm in them EVERY day. They really help support me when I get down. And I reread them for any suggestions I may have missed or new ideas to help me over a particular hump. I still think they are the most incredible part of the entire program. How many times do you have the author, and a coach, of your favorite program taking a personal interest in how you are doing and personally offer suggestions to make SURE you succeed?! This fact alone helps me many times to keep going when I have the urge to give up.
I think I was purchasing on impulse when I first heard of TNL, desperate for anything to help; also I'm usually leary of money-back guarantees because of a past bad experience. But, when the site offered to ship them before they were paid for, I deciced to take the leap of faith. (Boy, am I happy that I did!) I even paid for them up front since I had the money at that time.
Thanking you for all you do, Don and Coach.
I am also in my 3rd month and had a very slow month. Lost 0lbs So I re-analized. My food was continually at 1/2 and my choices were good (so I thought). I was unknowingly adding in hidden sugars and fats. Those salads can be killers. It is now the season of salads. Watch yourself!! The Popular Request is a HUGE Help!! I kept listening faithfully, &I even started exercising again last week! This morning I am -- drum roll -- Under 170lb.. Yeah Happy dance. 9lbs away from my first goal! Everything fits soooo much better!! I feel Marvelous! Keep Listening and keep the faith.. You will get there. Thanks Don and your wonderful team!!
Hi Don, I lost 65 lbs since starting the hypnosis program in September.
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me! I am almost at my original target weight and thought it was time to get some reinforcement from the forum and aim for a lower number. I love your Think and Lose hypnosis; it's great and it actually works!
I have been using my Think and Lose program for two weeks and I have had an immediate change in my appetite. After listening to the full program the very first time, I was changed. It's amazing. I listen to my programs every day. When I eat, the words eating half, leaving half, ring through my head. It is truly a very remarkable, life changing program.
Well like probably most of you I went towards this with the idea in my head that it would not work. Was I sure surprised! I am two weeks in and have lost 8 lbs! Not only am I losing weight but I was having problems sleeping thru the nights and now that I listen to the program before bed I sleep soundly and thru the night. It not only is helping me lose the weight but I am more relaxed! I know the first 10-15 pounds are the easiest to lose but I know I will be able to go past that and reach my goal weight!
I just wanted to say thank you for this program. For the past three or so years I have been struggling to lose weight and have not had any success. I ordered this, at the prompting from my husband, and after listening to the full program of Think and Lose, there was a difference immediately in how I ate and the eating half, leaving half, rings through my head as I go through my day. I LOVE IT. I have not had any huge weight loss but I have lost 4 pounds and that is 4 more than I have had any other way in the past.
In the past I would eat less, and sit and starve until I could eat again. Now, if I eat, I eat half or less. Generally it's a bite or two and then I'm full. I don't like sweets, except ice cream, and I can't eat salty things like chips or crackers. They just don't taste good. Thank you so much!! More often than not, if I am hungry or feel hungry, I will try to think of something to eat but nothing sounds good so I will drink a glass of tea and that does it. I couldn't be happier!!
My husband got hypnotized for social anxiety about 10 years ago and that is why he suggested I try this. He is a firm believer and now I am too.
Thank you so much Don!!!
You have a very satisfied and loyal customer!
I have had a lot of success. Although I've read the posts of people losing weight before they even got their packages, by following the eat half tip, that didn't work for me. One of my problems was that I know how to lose weight, 'doing it' is the hard problem. Or was! After listening the first time, all those techniques were just easy. I didn't have to think about it any more: I just did it! I hope you have as much instant success. If you're interested in specifics: this morning it has been four weeks, and I've released 15 pounds.
I just wanted to say that I am at the 2 1/2 week mark and I couldn't be happier. I have lost 7 lbs already which is HUGE for me. I am sleeping great and feel fantastic. I can feel a change in the way my clothes fit as well. I was not expecting it to be this drastic of a change in my life. Food was always a struggle for me. I was always hungry and thinking about what I could or couldn't eat next. This program has completely changed the way I view food. I have found that I'm eating a lot less and not hungry in between meals at all. I am so grateful that I ordered this program. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I finally feel like I can do it and I will get into my thin clothes in the back of my closet!
Hi everyone. I just started the program on Tuesday night and I've already lost 5 pounds! I don't intend on constantly jumping on the scale. Anyway, I had a feeling that I had already started losing, so I checked and I have.
My personal observations about the program is that it's about learning how to eat less, which in my opinion, is why so many Americans are overweight. I've always believed that I was overweight, not because of WHAT I ate, but because of the massive amounts I would eat. You always hear about how the French eat rich, fattening foods, but aren't overweight because they just eat LESS of the rich, fattening foods.
That being said, even though I knew why I was overweight, I felt powerless over it. I felt as though I had no control over stuffing my face. Now that I am focusing on eating 1/2 only, I am learning to slow down. I normally eat so fast! I am trying to hurry to gobble the bite in my mouth so I can hurry up and get the next bite in. Hello! So, now I am focusing on enjoying what is already in my mouth. I even ate my cereal with a small spoon this morning. Normally I use a big spoon, so I can cram the food in my mouth.
1/2 only. It's so simple, yet genius!
Dear Don &the Think &Lose Team
Thank you very much for personally responding. I must say, I am quite impressed.
I must say it worked wonders. Ate only 1/2 , was always satisfied, and never ever ravenous. I've done 'em all, Weight Watchers, OA, Slim Fast, low carb, calorie counting, and whatever else has been out there. This truly is my last chance to do this myself before I consider surgery. Which, to be honest, scares me to death. I've heard too many horror stories, and I truly don't want to do it, but to be healthier, it seemed like my only option. Now, I've got a much more sensible option, and I really don't have to even think about it. Just like you say on your CD, you can go anywhere, eat anything - 1/2 only! What a great service you are providing. I just hope others will avail themselves. I NEVER buy anything off an infomercial - this had to have been fate!
My sincerest thanks for your response.
I love how Don says 'to thine own self be true.' I have been on diets where I'm being denied what I want and miserable so I'll think, "Hm, a little of this won't hurt. Or, since I'm allowed nonfat milk, maybe I can eat nonfat ice cream." Don brings to mind the fact that we're doing this for ourselves because we all really want to be thin. If we try to "cheat", we're really only cheating ourselves. It's helping me to keep it all in perspective. The greatest thing about this is that we don't even have to suffer! I don't know about you all, but I think that is the BEST thing ever. We can get thin and healthy and do it without feeling deprived.
I just ate half my sandwich and was tempted to eat the other half because I think I still feel hungry. I told myself to "be true to me" and wrapped it up and put it out of my sight.
I am a newby too. I got my CD's this past Thursday and can already tell a HUGE difference in the way I think and eat. Just for example...being Father's day and all, I went to a breakfast buffet (usually I eat myself stuffed) GET THIS- I didn't even finish a 1st plate and could not eat anymore. PLUS I just got back from cookout and I didn't even eat a full pork chop...nor did I want desert! Sweets were a big problem of mine and since Thursday, I have not wanted any at all! This is such a huge thing for me, I am getting teary eyed just thinking how this is already changing my way of life. You see, I was almost 280 lbs and need to loose 125 lbs to be at my #! I thought I would be morbidly obese the rest of my life. I knew it was all in my mind, because I KNEW how to eat is just the DOING IT part. Now, with the help of Don, I know I can achieve my goal. I am so psyched for all of us. WE CAN DO IT! Good luck and know it is definitely reachable...anything is!
It sounds too simple, but it really will all click once you get your cd's. I have never, had such a positive life change, other than the birth of our kids.
It is truly amazing. There are not enough words in the human language to describe how wonderful this program is and how fantastic the support is.
I just started Tues before last and so far I'm liking the results. I haven't lost some huge amount of weight, but I'm noticing differences. I feel way more in control around food and I'm noticing different food choices.
When you watch the DVD, you'll see a part where it talks about craving healthier foods and it shows a woman being offered a salad and another woman being offered cake and she turns it down. Well, the salad actually LOOKS better to me. That is huge for me. I ate sweets, especially chocolate, every day and now I'm not eating it as much.
I was skeptical when I first ordered it, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try since you can use it for free (I mean you're aren't even charged for shipping 'til later). Once I started reading these posts, I became inspired. I love these forums. It just shows you how real this program is.
I have to say that I was skeptical, too. But after 2 weeks, I have lost 5 pounds and am passing up sweets....someone just brought me one of those big muffins and I said "No thank you!" She was amazed and tried to push it on me, but I kept saying "no!" Before , i would have felt deprived if i didn't eat it! I do have to say that I am not at the stage where i am eating only my plate is well ingrained in my mind....but because i am putting healthier things on my plate, it doesn't really matter. This will be an interesting journey...I plan to lose another 125 pounds...and I will look and feel fabulous!
Good morning to everyone!!
I must share another of my warm fuzzy feeling regarding the Think &Lose program.
Don suggests that you will no longer crave foods like pop, salty snacks, pastries, etc. Well, I'm here to tell you, it really, REALLY works!!
After listening the very first time, I could no longer eat crackers or salty snacks of any kind. BLECH. They just didn't taste good. I wasn't much of a pop drinker before but now, I can't even hardly take a sip of one...eeewwww just too sweet and no taste for it. The biggest thing I have noticed, and this particular thing wasn't even suggested in the program, but, to my husband's pleasant surprise, I no long have a huge taste for coffee. I use to be a 12 cup + person and now, if I can get two cups down, I'm doing good. It's amazing. I noticed that right off also.
I have been on the program for one month and 1 day and I am here to tell you, it is truly, TRULY, the best investment in MYSELF, I have ever made.
I know I CAN and WILL become and REMAIN thin and slim AGAIN!!
Thank you Don! You have given me my life back!! And my confidence!
Forever grateful
I just wanted to share and say thank you. I was so nervous about today and the lunch I had scheduled. I've been on the program for four days and this was my favorite restaurant with business associates. Boy was I shocked when I found that I was full half way through the meal!! I was so happy and excited!!! I did not think I would be. I was so worried and nervous. Thank you so much for the momentum and positive thinking!! Unfortunately I can not listen to the CDs at work or during the day so this, to me, was HUGE!! Thank you so much.
I've been on the TNL program for about two months now and I've lost about 25 pounds so far. I absolutely love it! The TNL program gives you an incredible feeling of calm and control when it comes to food. You don't feel deprived, you don't feel guilty for eating something that would be "forbidden" on other diet plans, and your energy level will soar. All that without pills, shakes, special meal plans, etc.
It's so simple. All you have to do is listen and half only! I'm a 55-year old grandma. If I can do it - you can too!
Welcome. Read as much as you can before you get your programs. And let us know how you're doing. Don and the TNL coaches are great with questions or if you get stuck. We're all here for the same reason no matter how much we have to lose!
I have been on think and lose for two months now and I just love it, love it, love it! I have 168 more pounds to lose and now know that I can and will lose this weight once and for all! It is so easy! Just listen, listen, listen and you can do it too. I haven't felt this good in a long time. I'am so glad I found it and am glad that you found it too. Enjoy your new adventure, I know that I'am.
I am 268 pds, crave sweets, eat just because, and get major migraines when I do not. I've been on the program for 5 days. I do not crave sweets, do not eat "just because" and have found that the headaches have gone away too. The first and second day was hard. The headaches came. I drank sweet tea and when it got really bad had a few sips of Coke. Day three no headache. I've been headache free since. Hang in there. Getting over the first few days are the hardest. If I can do it, so can you!!
I have 125 lbs. to lose. I just completed my 1st week and it is amazing the control I already have. I lost 11 lbs! And have not drank a soda or had any cravings for sweets. I am so happy. I have more self confidence that I can and will get to my goal. I have never EVER felt this way in my life. I even had a date night with my hubby last night...and I was full after 1/2 my meal...didn't eat popcorn at the movie...and felt so content.
I was like the last resort...I was thinking about the lap band. But not any more.
Hello everyone, I am new to the TNL program, started this week. What is so wonderful is that the first time I saw the info-mercial I accepted this idea of eating 1/2 about 6 months ago...guess what I lost 40 lbs in 3 months. I didn't purchase the program at the time because I was going through some financial difficulties. I am so excited that I am able to use this program to further my weight loss. I have kept the weight off for 3 months, but I am having trouble again with sugar consumption. After I heard the DVD hypnosis session I was amazed that I jumped right back into my focus mode. I am so happy with this product it will definitely be a part of my life. I have 75lbs. more to lose and I can't wait anymore. I am so motivated to make this work with more help this time. I guess my experience is a little out of the ordinary but I would definitely say this method is #1. The mind is so powerful and a great tool for our whole body.
I'm sure you here people's results often, but I've been doing this almost a week now. And it has all really "clicked" within the last couple days. This program is AMAZING! So, anyone even thinking of giving up, DON'T! Keep trying, when it all comes together it's worth it. I've seen a huge difference in so many things, I eat many small meals each day, I sleep great, I'm not as tense, and I'M LOSING WEIGHT! Not just a little, it's falling off of me. I'm hoping it slows down a bit. I want to do this right, healthy, and not put it back on ever. But, it also seems the more you have to lose, the faster it starts out. And I have a lot to lose, lol. But it's so uplifting, I've never been quite so positive about anything. I'm getting to where I can't hardly wait to listen to the program. I'm sharing this with all my loved ones that may want to use it. I've got 2 people starting it already. So, thank you thank you thank you!
I've been on the program for a week and two days now. I lost 11 pounds from Wednesday to Wednesday. I was wondering if that is too much too fast. I am absolutely pleased with the program. My husband is pleased on my part, but he has been finishing my other half of the meal plus his. He said he found the 11 pounds. He has been a great support with this also. He noticed that I am not eating at a nonstop pace. I have been recommending this to everyone.
I am just getting into week 2 of the program and I can't believe how much I have enjoyed this program so far. I initially had a difficult problem giving up sugar and impulsive eating. As I quit eating sugary foods I felt terrible for 3 days: tired, headaches, fishbowl mode...etc.
I decided to read up on sugar...
I learned that sugar (refined)that is added to food is toxic to our bodies. The Think n' lose program is a great tool to rid my self of these impulsive sugar cravings. After those horrible 3 days were over I felt GREAT!!! Better than I have in a long time. I all of a sudden had sugar cravings under control. I was so amazed. Lost 2.5 lbs. this week.
Now I try to steer away from any processed, refined, or manufactured sugar. I also learned that most everyone goes through sugar withdrawal when eliminating it from their food intake...its normal to have those symptoms for a few days, but the great thing to know is that it doesn't take long. Once you are over withdrawal, you don't go through it again. Then you feel awesome. You know that saying "If I only had half of the energy my kids have"...well I got it!
OK I will admit when I ordered the program I thought to myself "this is a gimmick" But my big issue has always been emotional eating - I have spent my entire adult life up and down the scale from 125-190 at the extremes but mostly between 140-160 its depressing! I often think I eat because I am an anxious person so I figured that hypnosis might be a good fit for my particular problem - I have tried everything else, diets 12-step - therapy - pills etc etc etc...
I got the program and did not start it for about a week... well I am happy to say that I finally started and I am really surprised that I am eating less... It started out like I was "leaving 1/4" but the amount I am leaving on my plate has been increasing over the three or four days I have been listening! Also I feel less anxious than I normally do. I am really pleased with the program and have just ordered the Mp3 player and I am looking forward to hearing the sleep and anxiety programs! I haven't stepped on the scale in quite a while and I wasn't too happy when I did (the day after I started TNL) ... but I feel hopeful for the first time in years that I will be able to get to the weight I want to be and MORE IMPORTANTLY stay at that weight and stop yo-yoing... But beyond that I am even hopeful that hypnosis will help me with my anxiety and sleep difficulty.
Wow! I thought I was getting sick, but I now realize that it was removing the sweets from my diet like Don says, they won't taste the same anymore. They don't taste as good, so I don't eat as much of it. I haven't been trying to not eat sugar but I have had these symptoms a few weeks ago when I started the program, and now I feel better than ever. I initially lost 3lbs the first week. Then 3 weeks later i have lost 17 lbs. all together. I really think that the sweets were sabotaging previous diets. I love the TNL, it helps me not want junk food anymore, and I'm not even thinking about it. I have been choosing healthy food.
I am one of those who was ALWAYS hungry regardless how much I had just stuffed down my throat. I have not thus far been able to simply eat half. What I have noticed is that a serving is now enough. I am leaving the table satisfied. I am no longer having problems with emotional eating. I only go food hunting when I am hungry and am turning more toward's fruits and other good for me foods. When I ordered the TNL program I ordered it all -- mp3 player and popular request series. I'm pleased to report that I went through what I put on the mp3 player and, even though I haven't listened to them, I no longer feel that it's necessary to listen to the recordings about emotional eating, binge eating, sabotage, etc. The anxiety that I used to feel whenever it was time to eat is gone. My husband used to always say, "all you have to do is eat less but exercise more -- that's all there is to it" but I knew better. I knew that until I took care of whatever was going on psychologically that it wasn't going to matter how little I ate or how much I exercised. I had already experienced spending months eating less and exercising more to see absolutely no change in my body whatsoever. I will continue to listen knowing that changes ARE being made. It feels so good to no longer feel as though food is in control. I am now in control and IT FEELS GREAT!!
I just received my T&L a week ago. Prior to it's arrival I had been reading this forum and continue to do so daily. It is so inspiring. Don, what I am so truly impressed with is how quickly you respond to the postings. As for the program, I LOVE IT!! So far I have lost 4 lbs, am not craving junk food, and look forward to listening to the program every day. Last night I got a little upset about something and my emotional eating thoughts got triggered. So I immediately played the Emotional Eating program and it truly helped. Oh yeah, and I did take my before picture, how depressing! But I look forward to someday sending it in along with my after. I am hoping that once my husband sees my success that I will be able to inspire him to get your quit smoking program. Lastly, I just want to add a huge thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you again for creating such wonderful programs and for having the forum for such moral support. This is the greatest program I have ever been on and I am looking forward to listening to the other products as well.
I do believe this is already working. I noticed that I only ate when I was truly hungry and the usual tired feeling that creeps up on me in the middle of the day, didn't. I again listened to the power program on my break (I went into the bathroom where nobody would bother me) and then again before eating dinner.
For breakfast I had oatmeal, lunch was a baked potato with broccoli and cheese and dinner was a small portion of fish with some spinach. I didn't snack at all today. I didn't want to. That right there is a big change for me. Usually I snack all day long.
I believe that is why this program is for me. I've ordered some of the other programs you have. I believe my weight problem stems from a lot of anger and depression. So I am awaiting that particular CD.
The key to this program is believing. I will be sending some pictures as I progress.
Thanks Don. I am a very happy camper!
Hello! I'm happy to report my CDs came in yesterday's mail and I JUMPED RIGHT IN!!! I chuckled when I listened to Don's intro portion and he asked the question, "When do we start a 'diet?' ..." Well, I decided to start my new 'LIFE'-Style and jumped right in on a Tuesday at 6-something PM. Thank you to everyone who has already (unknowingly) encouraged me with their words/thoughts/joys/concerns ... At 51 years of age I intend for the second half of my life to be just that!!! I'm happy to report that today was suprisingly easy! As a matter of fact, I had an Ahhha! moment when I stopped to think about what I had already eaten today, and couldn't! I've become so conscious of ever morsel that I eat - usually beating myself up about it too, as I have not historically made healthy/wise choices - this was a TOTALLY new experience! I eventually backtracked thru my day and was able to identify my food choices and was amazed that while I was currently feeling quite content, I had eaten only a fraction of what I normally consume!!! Ohhhhhh baby! This is great!!! Sooooo! A public declaration that I am on my way!
Thank you SO MUCH for the encouragement!! This forum (and all of you out there) are THE BEST!! To think we have this program and all this support to go with's amazing to me.
Well, Don, you were right (imagine that!!). It seems the Popular request series is the answer for those of us with deeper psychological issues. I kept listening to the entire cd over and over, during the day with my eyes open, hoping that something would "ring true" for me. And it did!! The emotional eating track just hit a nerve with me. As you probably guessed by my first entry, I have anxiety issues. My thoughts create my anxiety and I BELIEVED that food calmed me down (which it did, temporarily, because I BELIEVED that it would). Since listening to the emotional eating track over and over, I now challenge that thought with Don's voice saying NEVER WILL, NEVER HAS, and NEVER COULD. My belief system IS changing. I now know that with hypnotism and the "my choice" technique I can overcome my anxiety without food.
God bless you all!!
My first week is up and it's official, I've lost 4 1/2 lbs. I have never lost that much in the first week on Weight Watchers, of which I was a member many times over. This was the easiest weight I have ever lost. Now I have a theory. I have heard that stress either keeps weight on you or prevents you from losing weight. The T&L program is 100% stress free, unlike other weight loss programs. I find that when I am on a diet all I am thinking about is food, calories, and how many points I am eating. Always finding ways to manipulate a program so I can eat more food. With T&L, it's about impossible to eat more than half because once you hit the halfway mark your brain doesn't want anything else. You don't feel deprived or cheated, unlike other programs. I really think part of the success of losing the weight on T&L is because it is stress free.
When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago, I was devastated. I pretty much considered my life, as I had known it, over with. Medications barely made a dent in the pain and depression I was living with. Not to mention the weight I was packing on because it was too painful and tiring to exercise.
About three months ago, a friend of mine gave me your Pain Relief and Restful Nights programs to listen to. I will always be grateful to her, and to you, for the changes they have made in my life.
I listened to both these programs every night for a week before I decided to check out the TNL web site and see what else you had available. I immediately ordered the TNL programs, the Platinum package and the Quit Smoking program!
I've met my first goal, which was to lose the weight I'd gained since being diagnosed with fibro. I've lost about 27 pounds in two months.
Family, friends, and co-workers have noticed the differences, too. My daughter told me the other day she had her "old" mom back. I have a lot more energy - I'm able to walk for 30-45 minutes without wanting to keel over. And the weight loss is starting to show - I'm fitting into clothes shoved to the back of my closet two years ago!
The absolute best, though, is being able to sleep through the night. For anyone who's ever had difficulty getting a full night's sleep, you know what I'm talking about. Being able to sleep more than 3-4 hours a night makes a huge difference in my outlook on life. I also believe it's helped with the weight loss, too.
I just wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful programs and what a difference they've made in my life.
I was a little hesitant to order this program at first because I had misconceptions of what hypnosis really was all about. In order for hypnosis to work you have to allow it to work. You must CHOOSE for it to work for you. I can tell you that before finding the Think & Lose program I was not in control -- the food was and my emotions were. With this program I am in control AND IT FEELS GREAT!!
For example -- last night I had some cookies and milk before bed. What was nice was the fact that I didn't feel guilty about choosing to have cookies and milk. I wasn't having them because I was depressed or bored. I didn't feel as though I was spinning out of control again. I wasn't feeling hopeless and best of all -- I ended up putting back half of the cookies I'd put on the plate. There were TWO significant things that happened there -- first, I had put the cookies on a plate rather than just grabbing the entire cookie package AND I was putting half of what I'd grabbed back into the package!! THIS WAS HUGE FOR ME!
Enjoy this program because it is EXACTLY what's been missing from everything else you've ever tried.
This is amazing. So far this week is going great and I feel in control...for the first time in at least 6 years. The most amazing part of this was last night. Every Wednesday my friends and I have "Girl's Night." I always bring chips and dip...not this week. I bought celery and apple slices to go with peanut butter! Where did that come from? ! At girls night I always over eat, but not last night! I had the urge to eat more, but for some reason just couldn't! WOW! It gets better...another staple of "Girl's Night" is stopping at Taco Bell or McDonald's for "4th Meal." Last night I had the urge, but my car miraculously just drove by! I am so excited by how things are going this time around! I just know I'm going to get the results I'm looking for!
I highly advise you to purchase this program. It is not a diet. You can eat anything you want, anytime you want, any where you want - 1/2 only. This concept will allow you relief from worrying about food. It cuts your calorie intake in half so you have to lose weight. This program boosts confidence about yourself, lets you sleep better, boost your energy and you lose weight and that is only the think and lose part of the program. The other programs that come with this are just a bonus to make your life even better than it already is. The forum helps support you with any questions you may have or if you just want that added support knowing that you are not alone in this change of life event that will happen to you once you start this program. I not only highly advise you, I urge you to purchase this and join all of us on our new journey of becoming thin and slim again.
This is such a wonderful program to do together. My mom and dad have multiple health problems and have been on diets for as long as I can remember. My dad weighed 300+ pounds and said that this wouldn't work. I ordered the program for me with the mp3 player. I listen to the player and talked my folks into listening to the DVD and CD with me as a form of support for me. Of course, my dad says that it doesn't work and he is only listening for me. But (for some strange reason ) he use to eat two helpings and now he only eats one helping and that helping is sooooo small. We have been listening for a week and he is down to 295lbs. I have lost 8lbs. My mom is struggling with sweets and snacking, but she is still listening and I'm sure it will kick in. This program really works!!!
This product is the best life change!! I started the program on May 19th 2008 and have 5 more lbs to get to my goal weight. This is something I intend on listening to everyday for the rest of my life!!
The best part of the Think & Lose program is that it isn't a diet. It's a way of life! It's the way for anyone with weight issues to reclaim their life. To take back control.
Welcome! Enjoy and embrace the Think & Lose concept and program!
Have had Don's program now for 1 wk and am thrilled. I weigh 130 and want to weigh 120 but if I didn't loose a pound I wouldn't care because the program is helping me in all aspects of my life. Tried hypnosis 25 yrs ago and used it several times w/the same hypnotist and it was wonderful but he passed away. So tried it many times w/different hypnotists and it just didn't work their voices or something was wrong... one of them I just burst out laughing. Anyway you can imagine how I felt about hypnotism by CD when I saw the ads. It was a SHOCK after listening to the CD because it works, it really, really works!!! Honestly I am a pretty anxious and stressed out person but not since starting the program. I have had the best sessions and am absolutely as pleased w/Don as I was with my 1st hypnotist... with a CD I can have a session anytime I want to. Thanks Don. Can't wait to try your other CDs. BTW have cut down on eating lots of bad things including no granola bars since starting the program. Let's see if I can loose 10 lbs. too.
I'm now substantially below my goal weight; the weight loss program I've been has weekly weigh-ins, and my weight goes down every week.
Well, i've been on ww for almost 7 years, work for them too. i've weighed and measured EVERYTHING for all that time. my problem was always vegtables, b/c they are 0 points. so i'd eat 1 1/2 pounds of green beans, THEN 20 oz. brussel sprouts, the green b NIGHTLY- the Brus sp almost every night. and of course lunch veggies, and as a snack. tnl has helped me STOP all such behavior, for which i'm greatful, and i eat more variety (veggies)
i'm thrilled with the way i look and feel. i'd like to be as thin and slim as is possible while maintaining my GREAT health status. of course, i've had to have a lot of clothing tailored, more thrilledness!!--LOL
I just got my CD on Friday (today is Sunday). Not only am I putting 1/2 of what I normally would on my plate, but then I'm only eating 1/2 of what IS on my plate... essentially cutting down to 1/4 of what I normally ate.
I'm eating it slower (gee, actually CHEWING the food before swallowing) and I'm STUFFED and literally can NOT eat more. I'm also not STARVING before the next meal -- I get hungry, but not STARVING.
This tells me two things -- before, I was eating WAY too much food AND I was eating it WAY too fast.
As dieters, eating less food is something we all KNOW has to be done to lose weight... our brains just didn't listen.
I also have a bag of mini powdered sugar doughnuts I bought Thursday evening -- intending them to be my "snack" after everyone else went to bed -- for some reason, I forgot about them till Saturday and now, they don't sound good.
Can it really be this "easy"? Was this all I needed my whole life? I hope so 'cause I'm lovin' this sooooo much!
I have loved your Pain Relief program since I first heard it and have used it daily for several months. Today, I had a dentist appointment to get a small cavity filled. I truly hate going to the dentist because I am allergic to Novocaine and usually go without any kind of deadening agent.
On a whim, I grabbed my MP3 on the way out the door. I explained to my dentist what I wanted to do and that I needed about five minutes before he started drilling. He was most agreeable, primarily because it scares his other patients when I scream!
I "settled in" and about five minutes into the Pain Relief program, he started drilling. I heard it more than felt it and just focused on your voice. The next thing I knew, he had finished drilling about the same time the program ended.
As I woke up, I noticed how quiet it was in the office. I turned around in my chair only to see the looks of amazement on all of his assistants and hygienists!
While I don't think I'd recommend it for major surgery, your Pain Relief program has come up aces again! I might actually reach a point where going to the dentist is "fun". Thanks, again!
Holy Wow!!! I listened to PR2 this morning (beginning to end). The "OK To Lose Weight" and "Getting Back on Track" are really mind-blowing. The OKTLW is like a sledge hammer right between the eyes. It took my breath away. AWESOME!
If you haven't order, do so NOW!!!
You know, usually I watch infomercials and just kind of laugh at them ESPECIALLY weight-loss stuff -- for gadgets (kitchen, makeup, etc.), I usually just wait for them to come out in stores...
What made me take a chance on TNL? I actually had to TiVo the infomercial since it was really late and I wanted to get to bed... that was the first time I had EVER recorded an informercial.
After watching it the next day, I went to the website... I read testimonials and was STILL skeptical.
The money back guarantee? I know that 90% of people will NEVER use that option and companies KNOW this... they'll just toss their product in the closet & forget about it.
For me, the thing that made me shell out all that money was the idea of hypnotism... I figured even if it didn't work, at least I'd have a guided hypnotism session I could listen to for relaxation...
Also, I checked Don's credentials... pretty impressive, indeed! So, all-in-all, I bought it and I'm SOOOOO glad I have. I'm less than a week in and already notice the difference in the way I think about my relationship with food...
I too saw the infomercial and thought "yeah-right". The more I listened, the more intrigued I became. Well, I thought, if I can fix my brain, maybe that will give me a fighting chance. It took me 3 days to order the program. It just arrived on Tuesday, and I am amazed at the results thus far. I started reading the forum messages and started with eating "just half" even before my program arrived. The first week I lost 10.4 pounds, and this week is feeling even better. I weigh on Monday mornings. Right now I am at 323.8 from 336.8 in 1 1/2 weeks.
My husband commented on my leaving food on my plate today. Just told him that I am trying to eat less.
I found the infomercial one morning, something about it just caught my eye. I sat there and listened to it. I have been on soo many diets through the years and this one is telling you that you can eat anything you want, whatever it is and not have to worry about not being able to eat it. That just blew me away. I could have whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, just half only was all I had to do, it sounded like it was for me. I immediately went on the web-site and ordered it. It has been life changing for me. I am 3 months in it and have lost 16 lbs. Lots of inches, can tell by my clothes and by all the comments. It is the best thing that I have ever come across. Love it.
I just wanted to state how great these forums are. Every day or night that I come home from work, I can't wait to check to see if there are any new messages. Some are questions that I myself was going to ask or just to get some inspiration from all the great folks that are on the same journey as I am. Not only are the CD's one of the best investments that I have made but the forums are just the topping on the cake! (BUT in this case, I don't do just half. ) Thanks for all the great support everyone is sharing with everyone. With the CD's and the support from everyone, I KNOW that we WILL change our lives forever. Thanks Don and the TNL staff.
Don, your TNL series and all the other CDs are wonderful. I didn't think it could get any better until I received and listened to PR2.
WOW! It is more that fantastic.
Thank you so very much!!!
And guys, if you don't have PR2 yet you gotta get it. Soon.
Let's see...what made me order TNL? I had seen my midwife and was told that I needed to stop gaining weight and she wanted to see me lose some weight over the last half of this pregnancy. I started this pregnancy 70 pounds overweight and know what she was concerned about. I was depressed and sad and had said nothing to my husband. It was hot and I couldn't sleep so I was watching TV while storms raged around. I saw only the last few minutes of the infomercial and since we were in the middle of thunderstorms I couldn't get on the computer but I remember thinking that this was what I'd been needing all along. The next day I checked out the website but more importantly I checked out Don. I did a google search and was impressed to find only positive references -- I didn't find anything negative and normally you can find at least one person who's not happy but not this time. I placed my order -- even ordered two extra to give as gifts.
I've read every weight loss book that's ever come out. I've "tried" them all but always failed because they required that I eat foods I'm not normally drawn to and keep up with some insane exercise schedule that this mother of 8 can't stay on top of.
I have not always had a weight problem just once I started having kids. Then when I divorced my first husband I lost 60 pounds and kept it off until I fell in love again and gained 40 pounds back in the first 6 weeks that we dated. We're now about to have our 5th child together and the news from the midwife was the straw that broke the camels back.
Since getting the program I have not lost any weight which is okay -- I've been maintaining my weight. The little one will be here in about 4 weeks and then I'll be working more on the weight loss. What I have lost are the cravings -- it's so nice to be in control of the food. To know that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want (half only). In some cases this means having the burger without the fries which is perfectly okay with me. I've also lost the emotional eating, binge eating, self sabotage, cravings for sweets...and Oh my gosh -- being able to check out at the grocery store without having to force myself to leave the candy bar behind!! Or how about being able to walk past the donuts without them calling my name.
Our oldest is serving in the Navy and he's home for a visit. Yesterday he decided to treat the family to donuts for breakfast. I thought I was going to throw-up. I politely said, "no thanks" and made myself a high protein fruit smoothie instead. I enjoyed every bit of it and wasn't hungry until lunch time!! THAT WAS REALLY HUGE AND SOMETHING I DID SHARE WITH MY HUSBAND!! Then at dinner last night (Friday night is date night) we were eating at my favorite restaurant and I had decided that I was just going to enjoy being out with my husband and no kids. I was only able to eat half of what we ordered. I only hope that one day I'll be able to meet Don in person and give him the great big hug he so richly deserves. I know that I'm on my way to being "thin and slim, again" and thanks to Don it will be FOREVER this time!
HOW can I thank you enough??? I was THE biggest skeptic of ALL !!! I am a Grandma , just about to turn 60 this year and I decided it was just my age keeping me fat. WELL, I received your program, and just looked at it for a week, thinking , I have to return this.
Finally, while alone, I thought "what the heck, what IF IT DID WORK????" I have to at least try it. OK here goes: After the first round of the full tape, the visual one, I really tried to get into it, and thought, this didn't work, but I will try it for a week.
FIRST MEAL: I made my bacon and eggs, but for some reason only ONE egg and ONE strip of bacon. I still didn't believe it worked, BUT I usually have 2 eggs, and 3 strips of bacon. OK it's been 3 days and just before bed I listen to the short version.
I have lost 7 lbs. in 3 days, I swear on the bible. NOW, I have decided NOT to tell anyone just yet. esp. my husband who I will see in 3 wks, (he's on business). I went from 185 and now I'm 176. I am in SHOCK and will treat your cd as GOLD....TRUST ME, once I reveal how I'm losing, EVERYONE I know will do it. I won't enclose pics just yet, as I have lots more to lose.
I only eat HALF I swear !!!! AND much healthier foods too. THe only thing I did eat at night was a nutty buddy cone, and thought , I must have screwed it up. WRONG !!! as for salty foods, I eat very few, like 8 tiny pretzels and a diet soda. YES, once and for all, I'm curbing my eating AND have exercised EVERY DAY.... Walking and dropping by my local gym to use the equipment for half hr. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH, you saved my life from being frumpy, which I never was before. I'm SO excited to wake up every day !!
I love you, and I don't even know you. What a service you have done for anyone who has searched and tried everything and got so discouraged before, giving up !!!
I think I will have pics SOONISH, with the rate this is going !! God Bless You !!
Several of us were discussing on the forum the other day how foods we used to crave didn't smell good anymore and we had no appetite for them. It got me to thinking about some of the other significant changes my mind and my body have gone through in the three months since I started TNL.
Probably the most important change to me is the fact I don't associate eating with my emotions or my mental state anymore. I've always been an "emotional" eater. I always thought food made me feel better. Sad, lonely, bored, stressed - whatever the reason, food was always a comfort. Now, food is just food. It no longer has any emotional attachment for me.
I don't crave or eat sugar anymore. Three months ago, I would become terribly anxious if I didn't have immediate access to cookies, cake, candy, pastries, ice cream - anything sweet and loaded with calories. I don't even think about sweets anymore or miss not having them.
Up until three months ago, I always considered myself a "low energy" person. Maybe it was my food choices that were keeping me so mellow! Now, three months later, I have more energy than I know what to do with. While I haven't exactly reached the point where I "Love to Exercise", I do walk for at least a 1/2 hour everyday.
I don't have to "maneuver" around the steering wheel to get in and out of my car anymore. Last weekend, I was able to get down on the floor and play with my grandson. Three months ago I wouldn't have even considered doing such a thing!
Like so many of us have stated "I've tried every diet..." I think TNL works so well for me is because I'm finally dealing with the underlying REASONS I eat in the first place! Don seems to "get" that concept and tailors his programs to address those issues. He's made a special effort to give us the extra tools (PR1 and PR2) we need to make TNL work for us.
One of my favorite quotes from the TNL long program is "do not rush this - never rush this - learn this". I learn more about myself everyday and what motivates me eat healthier and to want to lose weight. I don't feel any frantic sense of urgency to get this done. I know this is a lifelong process and I want to do it right. I'm perfectly content with my rate of weight loss and I know I'll eventually get where I need to be. I think 36 pounds in three months is a pretty good start!
As always, thank you Don for your wonderful programs and to TNL and the coaches for all of their support and advice.
I have been on TNL program for 5 weeks now and have lost a total of 15lbs. and 2 pant sizes. (And loving every minute of it.) So much more has changed in my life since starting this program. Before starting I would average about 4-5 hours of sleep at night, waking up constantly during those hours. Now I get such a restful, refreshing sleep that I have ever had. I do sleep about 6-7 hours now but I don't wake up after I have fallen asleep. I have more energy and a more positive outlook on just about every thing that I do. I just ordered the PR1 and PR2 programs. I am so looking forward to others changes that are about to happen.
Every keep positive and keep listening because these are life changing programs.
I have struggled to lose weight all my life, like most of here with TNL. I have tried most diets. My mother had weight issues as well and I began having them to at a young age.. She would take me to weight loss doctors that would just put me on the pill plan..I did this for 2 years.. It work for a while but I was 15 years old, who know what kind of side effect all those pills had... I'm 42 years old and was still struggling to lose weight... nothing help. I even did the slim fast diet... to find out that all that sugar and I was consuming triggered a type 2 diabetes. I found that I had a battle before me and need to lose my weight. I would pay lots of money for accupuncture to help me.. I felt better but my weight was not coming off... Soon after my job stated that everyone who was over 35% of there weight would have to join weight watchers or there health insurance would not cover and we would be force in a since to pay for our own health insurance should we choice not to participate. I attend my meeting since the begging of this year I have completed 26 weeks of the program and loss 13 lbs to have gain it back... Since I join TNL on July 15. I have now loss with effortless of 13lbs. The weight watcher's lady ask me wow your doing good the weight watcher program is working for you again... what are you doing... I said if I told you weight watcher would go out of business... Everyone in the meet laughted... but after the meeting they ask me and I provided them with the website TNL.. The following day 8 co-workers approach me that they have purchased the TNL.... Today they have all thank me and have turned on other family members that struggle with weight... in less then 2 weeks I have loss 13lbs when it took weight watcher 17 weeks to lose it and to gain it all back.... I said if this did not work this was my last chance I would go for the lapbands.... Don thank you... you have made this effortless you have change my life, I feel great. My type 2 diabtes is in control and I have more engery... Thank you again
My best friend order her TNL expressed and tried it but she stated I dont know if its working or not... 2 days later she said I hate to say it.. but its working. I'm snacking less and choosing healthier food choices and sleeping better.
Co-worker No1. order her express TNL... after 3 days of the program.. I ask her how you doing on it... She replied I don't know yet I don't feel different and I do not see any thing different... today at weight watcher I saw her get on the scale and she saw that in less then 5 day she loss 2.6 lbs. and she look straight at me with open eyes.... as she approach me she said its working... She notice that she was eating less the eye opener was when she went to the grocery store where she normally spends $80 worth of snacks and ice cream, and looked down to her food choices and they where all healthy foods and she left paying only $35... she thank me... and was so happy... ( she was on the weight watcher program for the 26 weeks and loss no lbs).
Co-worker no2... stated that she and her husband started TNL monday... She ask him to join her and try it with her... he struggle with the concept and felt it would not work for him... he finally agreed to do with her they watch the DVD first and completed the session...he stated that he felt no changes or any different she also agreed with him but they continue with the program... today she approach me that her husband called and said that he was eating his normal lunch... and suddenly he realize that he order a very health lunch and instead of ordering a coke he ask for milk.. he stated by the time he ate 1/2 his lunch the stomach tighten up and prevented him from finish his meal and was in a complete surprise. She has not yet got there yet... but she say it worked and she is excited... she has been in the weight watcher plan and only loss 5lbs in 26 weeks. I will keep you up today... the others are waiting for there TNL....
I believe that if you purchase TNL you will really be happy with it! I am not one of those big losers, but I have a lot to lose. On occasion I gained some of the weight I lost while on TNL and am glad to say that I lost that gained weight again. My problem wasnít with the program but with life situations and me. Don, Coach and all the team members on these forums have helped greatly. I do not know of ANY other program that you could purchase where the ACTUAL person who created the program takes such a personal interest in those who have purchased their product. Anytime we post, Coach or Don very quickly respond. WOW!
I am diabetic and listening to TNL has helped me make more healthy choices in choosing which foods to eat. My A1C has dropped considerably in the last four months and that is really saying something! To me that is better than losing 50# because being a diabetic it is healthier for me to control my sugars first, maintain and lose weight second. With TNL Iím doing both, the healthy way, slow and easy.
Might I suggest that you also purchase a couple of other CDís while you are in the process of getting TNL. Don has a CD for ďPain ReliefĒ that is great. Being pre-diabetic, I believe the ďFighting Carb CravingsĒ would also be great for you. Controlling starchy carbs is a very important part of fighting Diabetes.
It has been about 3 weeks now and I never weighed myself when I started the program. TODAY! You know that roll of fat that is just under your breasts, the first roll before your belly. Well mine was as a close second to the size of my breasts. YEAAAAAAAA mine is flat. I find myself rubbing that spot with a smile. Now the roll where my belly is........ it is smaller, but I am still working on it.
I listen every nite to the full version and when I get up I listen to the shorter version. I am not so good at listening when my husband is home but I listen to the 2 minute version and WOW that gives me a really good mood for the day.
Believe me, you will NOT be sorry if you try TNL. It is a wonderfully painless way to lose weight! There are no pills, special meal plans, shakes or anything like that. You won't feel deprived or guilty for eating foods that would be forbidden otherwise.
All you do is listen and lose weight! How hard is that?!! As Coach says, it's free for 30 days. What have you got to lose?
Try it! It is an awesome program.
Looks like I have already lost some LB's!! I weighed myself on the scale at work and it said 204. Last time I was at the Dr's which was on July 30th I was at 215. Now I know that all scales are different and time of day, month, what you are wearing and all that Jazz can have a significant effect but hey who cares I have been eating way different in the past week and have cut out most sugar and all fast food so maybe?? You never know its kind of exciting and the funny part is that I havenít even received my CD's yet! HA!
I have listened to the full length for three nights now and the ten minute version for the past three mornings. Already I have noticed not only a freedom that I have never felt but truly a difference in my eating. For instance, this morning I went to a meeting where they served donuts. I wanted one, my first instinct was "NO deprive yourself, you are on a diet." Then I remembered I can have 1/2 of a donut if I really want one. So I did. I had half, was satisfied with half and you know what, it wasnít even that great. My husband and I went to dinner last night and split our meal and I was totally fine with it.
I already have had some friends ask me if I was losing weight. ALREADY!!!! They say they see it in my face. I started even before I received my CD's and I know I have lost at least 10 lbs. The best part is I dont feel deprived, I am satisfied, and if I want something I have it, only half.
I am truly grateful and am looking forward to a lifetime of change!
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how well TNL works with very little effort on your part.
I have been using TNL since the beginning of May. I'm limited to walking only because I have fibromyalgia. I walk about 20-30 minutes a day. I've lost about 45 pounds so far and I'm loving it!
You can eat absolutely ANYTHING you want on this program. Half only. However, in addition to eating half only, the hypnotic suggestions Don gives you include eating healthier foods and exercising.
I was a huge sugar and sweets craver when I started TNL. Within several weeks, I wasn't interested in eating cookies, candy, cake, pastries, chocolate - none of that stuff tasted good any more. When I did try and eat it, I could only eat a few bites before my stomach started doing flip-flops. Now, I don't eat any of that junk any more.
I'm still surprised when I go grocery shopping and without any conscious effort on my part, I fill my shopping cart with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and poultry. In other words - healthy stuff!
This is an amazing, amazing program. As coach said, give it a chance to work for you. If you're still finding you're having problems with cravings and sweets, I thoroughly recommend the Popular Request series 1 and 2 (or as we call them PR1 and PR2).
Again, welcome to a new way of life! I look forward to hearing about your success with TNL.
Hi! I have only been on the program a few weeks but my carb cravings are gone, and I am losing. I have dieted all of my life but the most successful diet I was on was the "carb addicts diet". Similar to your atkins. I actually lost 170 lbs on that one, but like all diets, eventually you go off. When i went off I gained back 80 lbs:( I am right with you when you talk about the binging thing. Been there ...done that
But this one is different for me, and I hope for you too because it's a way of life. I'll never go off! You couldn't pry my disks away from me. I fight the diet mentality that is so ingrained in me and just trust the hypnosis and it works. I tried to help the hypnosis out by dieting with it and it totally wrecked it! So if I was going to try to be helpful to a fellow newcomer I'd say...don't diet and just listen to the cd's alot.
I have two knee replacement so I can't do alot for exersize, but I do what i can mostly walking, because I want to, and it helps too.
I try not to eat carbs without a protein, which seems to keep the carb thing in check. In my mind I am afraid of turning on that carb button just in case that rears it's ugly head anyway I got the carb cravings cd too.
So far this thing is fantastic, I think you are gonna love it too! It is amazing to go grocery shopping and never put junk food in your cart! Here is another good one...I made cookies for the troops today and never ate one...not one! Didn't need it or want it:)Good luck and keep posting!
There goes another couple of sizes. Yes you read correctly. I am so impressed with this new way of thinking it is just awsome.
I am from Canada and we have different ways of sizing. So some of my clothing was/is all different. But let me say this. When I started in May I was in a size 44 pant from walmart. At the end of June I was in a size 22 from Addition Elle (for my son's graduation) Today I am now in a size 16 from Addition Elle. (given to me by a friend)
I do want to get some new clothes but I can't justify buying new clothes since I am contine to loose weight.
I am also finding that my watch is loose too I have to tighten it up too. The trouble is I have worn my watch at this size for so many years it is unbeliveable that I have to make that smaller too!
I am hoping that I will be close to my goal weight when I go on my holiday at the end of October. Then I will be able to purchase some new clothes.
Thank you again Don for making these C.D's I am proof that they work.
For those that are just getting them keep listening and keep thinking. " my mind is strong my body is strong, Iknow that I can and I will become and remain Thin and Slim" LOL my motto now!
I actually carry the MP3 player with me where ever I go and have found it to be beneficial throughout my day! One place I use it is right before I eat lunch! I simply close my eyes, and play the 2 minute reinforcement track 4 for extra motivation right before I eat!
Sometimes I use it in the restroom-where it is quiet or outside sitting for break. The 10 minute session on track 3 is great for breaks even if I only need to unwind and de-stress, I have found that Don's sessions help me to relax!
After a hard day at the office, before I have to drive home I sometimes listen (engine off!!) to the 10 minute session on track 3 again, to receive Don's powerful suggestions and to help me avoid the hunger I sometimes envision I have on my drive home! It really is mind over matter and what Don suggests can be applied to other areas of your life-or simply to unwind before the drive home.
When waiting for prescriptions, the 2 minute session is great to listen to, even with my eyes open sitting in a chair-all inspire me to listen, empower myself with good food choices, and enable me to feel good about myself!
These are some of the ways I use the MP3 player!
I got my think and lose program from a friend. I have lost 7 pounds and just got it thursday. I don.t feel hungry at all. that is amazing. thanks for the program. it really works. I cant believe it. it feels really great to know I wont be made fun of anymore. thanks again.
Hello !
I am 62 yr overweight woman.
The program started to work after 8 days. Now I am unable to eat more than a half, my binge eating stopped, my cravings for sweets gone. I just can not believe, I look at a peace of my favorite "Tiramisu" or also at my favorite dark chocolate,and I dont want it !!!! I dont go on the scale,not yet,but I can see the result already- I FEEL MUCH BETTER! I have only one advice : listen,listen,listen as many times a day you can and also one time the 30 min before bed. The program works!!!!!!
Hey everybody, I just had a lightbulb moment!! This past week I lost 5 lbs. with virtually no effort . It just seemed to come naturally. And I have to thank Shirley for it. She was the inspiration for my lightbulb moment. In a recent post, Shirley said:
"At first I would try to stay focused on every single word... [but]...What worked for me was to just let it happen, I didn't overthink or over analyze the words Don was saying...My mind at times seemed to be thinking of anything and everything except weight loss and food. But it worked. It all sank in. It snuck in there when I wasn't looking and it's still up there somewhere..."
I have had the TNL life style change (since that is what it is) since May 19th and I also have the popular request series. They help in many ways. There are so many programs to help everyone with every need. Be confident in knowing, whatever it is you feel you need to improve on, change or what have you, Don and everyone, along with the programs, can help you!
If someone had said to me five months ago that I, a 55-year old woman, grossly overweight, barely able to exercise, could lose weight simply by listening to a half hour program every day, I would have told them NEVER in a million years!
A doctor.s appointment this morning revealed several things: 1) my blood pressure is back within the .normal. range after eight years; 2) in the time span of a little over four months I have lost 52.4 pounds (I SO like my doctor.s scale!); and 3) I actually stunned my doctor into speechlessness when I told her exactly how I was losing weight.
Heck, I.M continually stunned and amazed by this program. Who knew something so simple could be so effective? Yes, it requires some effort and work on my part. I have to THINK about the choices I make to eat certain foods and to exercise. I have to make an effort to sit quietly and really LISTEN and agree with what.s being said in the TNL programs. And I have to make the CHOICE to do that every single day. But, it is SO worth it!!!
I CAN, I WILL, because I WANT...and NEVER say NEVER!
Sometimes I think "Is it working?" "Am I doing it right?, am I confusing my brain by putting only 1/2 of what I would normally eat on my plate???"
All these questions!! and I thought, gee's.... with as much as I think about it, it must be working. I totally agree with you about nothing looking good. I find myself wandering around the kitchen, waiting for something to jump out at me for lunch. Nothing does. But I know not eating every three or four hours drops your metabolism. So like you, I grab some grapes, a banana, an apple, or 1/2 of a 110 calorie bagel!! and I am good to go for another hour or two, unless I get busy. Then, I am not really hungry any more.
Last week I had a salad with some chicken in it. Light dressing, and I loved it!! Of course I am a big veggie fan. Then about three hours later, my husband calls and wants to take me to lunch. With out thinking I accepted!! (Well he very rarely gets to offer, and follow thru.) We got to the restaurant, I ordered ice tea, and watched him eat a burger cheese thing, and I NEVER felt deprived, or guilty for not eating! Like you, I haven't told my husband about the CD's (he too, is very hesitant on new things.). But I am amazed in the change in me. I actually feel "hot" in a way that I haven't felt in some time. I look people in the eye, stand taller, and laugh more. I have a new outlook, and it makes sense!, my mind IS strong, my body IS strong. (and no matter how long it takes....) I know and I believe....(you know the rest.) So that is a biggie for me.
My name is Deborah and as the result of a car accident in 1990, I have a c-7 c-8 spinal cord injury which means I do not walk at this time. After a surgey to remove a cyst in 2001, my weight ballooned from 160 up to 240. While I look at all the weight loss programs, pills and potions I knew I needed something that would always work whether I drank it or jumped on some machine. I ordered your cd and I am now down 4 dress sizes and am continuing to use it until I reach my goal size that I was before the surgery. Your cd can be used by anyone who eats food everyday.
It's just that simple.
I've noticed a LOT of changes since I started listening to TNL and some of the other programs.
I think probably the biggest change for me is my perception that food is an emotional outlet and stress reliever. For more years than I care to think about, I was a heavy drinker. Alcohol dulled pain and minimized my emotional response to everything. When I quit drinking 18 years ago, food quickly became a substitute for whatever emotional issue or stress I was dealing with at the moment.
Food was a great comfort. I ate no matter what emotion I was feeling.and ate, and ate, and ate!
With the help of TNL and the Emotional Eating program, I am learning that food is not a substitute for the everyday stresses and emotions I deal with in real life. I am finding healthier outlets for stress and the ups and downs in life, such as exercise and meditation.
Food no longer satisfies whatever emotional .hunger. I.m experiencing. I.m learning how to identify those emotions that trigger my need to eat and recognize that food never has, never could, and never will "fix" those emotions.
Now, whenever my tummy growls, it is a sign that I need to pay attention to what it is saying. Am I truly, physically hungry? Or is this an indication that I need to stop, take a deep breath, and figure out what is bothering me? Five months ago, I wouldn.t have known (or cared) about the difference and just grabbed the nearest cookie!
I've also noticed a change in my attitude toward exercising. I actually enjoy walking, now. Before, it was a struggle just to walk from the parking lot into the grocery store! I have so much more stamina and energy now. I thought I was just getting old!
TNL and all of the programs have truly been a life-changing experience for me. I learn more about myself each day through listening and agreeing with Don's positive suggestions. As I've said before, I consider TNL a life long "habit".
I thought I would touch base with everyone and let everyone know that I am still maintaining my weight, (whew) after so many failures, in the past, it's hard to grasp the fact that this time it really is for life!
I have to admit, I still worry and fret, that for some reason, this is all a dream. Gaining back the weight is a major, major fear I have. I have all the tools I need to maintain and I know that. I guess it's just in my nature to worry.
One of my dearest friend's told me I have nothing to worry about. I have kept it off this long, I will be fine. (mind you, I reached my goal weight about a month ago) Gotta love her! lol However, I came into this freeing, fabulous way of life on May 19th 2008 so I have been at it awhile. This is my permament life. I listen every morning, I listen everynight. Sometimes, I still listen a third time during the day if I am able.
To anyone who is thinking of becoming a member of the TNL family or has just become a member of our huge successful family...there is no better way to gain control and get your life back, than with TNL, Don and everyone else.
My best to everyone!!
Hi. I also am diabetic and wanted to let you know that since starting TNL my A1C has dropped from 7.4 to 6.2. I find that a real accomplishment because I have been trying to get it down for years and this is the first time I have crossed that 7.0 barrier. (It also came as a total surprise.)
I also feel better about myself and am not as deeply depressed as often as I had been before. I believe it is a direct result of the positive thinking Don has us learning to do.
As for my other maladies. I expect the arthritis pain will decrease as I lose weight and continue to exercise. I don't think anything can change hypothyroidism except medication. I'm now trying to learn to balance my diet for diabetes AND high cholesterol. I find I get consumed trying to adjust for one disease and forget the other. So my results kind of yo-yo right now -but that will change as I learn the proper balance. The rest of my problems are on a wait and see.
Hello All!
I received my TNL program on the 21st of October, I watched the video immediately and then i waited to do the hypnosis until later. My mom came over and watched the video with me again and then she said lets try the hypnosis. So we both did it and i was really surprised at how relaxed i had become and my hands had that tingling sensation before Don even said I would get that. It was awesome!
The next morning I called my mom right away to see how her day was going with food and she said she cut her breakfast and lunch and was feeling great, the first thing on her mind when she opened her eyes was 120!! i experienced somewhat of the same thing except all day long i hear, "YOU WONT EVEN NEED IT OR WANT IT OR MISS IT!!" It is really helpful!
Later on that day after having my half portions it was about around 5 o clock and I was at the bowling alley. There were deep fried foods every where and big juicy burgers, NONE of it sounded good! I was although having trouble with wanting to eat because everyone was versus trying to figure out if i was hungry! I waited it out until around 8 o clock when my stomach finally growled and i knew for sure i was actually hungry. i ate half a dinner portion and was good to go.
I usually have a sweet tooth at night and i work in a bakery so i always take things home that sound good. Well no sweet tooth has existed for the past two nights.
When it was finally time for bed i laid down and put on the 30 minute full length program. I was really shocked at how much more i felt like it was working on me than the night before. I knew i was awake yet when i opened my eyes that thirty minutes felt like a blur and i almost didnt remember hearing everything he said. Does that sound normal? Because I know i did NOT fall asleep. Anyway I have been reading this everyday and thought it was time to share the beginning of my journey! By the way i am 5'1 weighing 165. Need to lose 40 LB's!
If you make the commitment to use this program to its fullest, you will definitely be successful. been on many other diets, including NutriSystem, and believe me, Think and Lose is like nothing ever tried. It is not a diet . it is a total lifestyle change. Which is the problem with other diets . they give you the tools to lose the weight, but never tell you what to do afterward! been using TNL since the beginning of May. I.m 55 years old and for medical reasons, am limited to walking only as exercise. Weighing in on my doctor.s scale the other day, lost 52 pounds! If I can do this, anyone can.
After all the diets, all the special foods, pills, shakes, all the struggles to lose weight over the years, TNL is such a relief! It is a very simple concept . listen and agree with Don.s suggestions regarding healthier food choices, exercise, and eating only half of what.s on your plate. You can eat anything, anytime, anywhere . half only. What joy!
TNL will give you an incredible sense of calm when it comes to eating . no forbidden foods, no denying yourself, no guilt over making the .wrong. choices. Plus, you get the added benefits of sleeping better, having more energy, and feeling good about yourself. What.s not to like???
If you have any questions or get stuck, the forum is a great place for advice and sharing. all here for the same reason . to lose weight and support each other!
I have been on the program since May. It is such an awesome program. Yes you do get to those stages where you don't seem to lose but keep listening and the weight will continue to come off.
I believe that the last time I posted I was in about a 20 pant. Well I am now down to a 16 pant and they are getting big for me!! I also measured my waist this evening. When I started the program my waist was about 51" That is big. But today it is down to 40 " This is just awesome for me. I have more energy I am happy I don't look around for food just cause I am bored I go and find other things to do!! I have not reached my goal yet but I hope to be there by christmas. That would be the ultimate christmas gift to myself!! ( about 40 lbs to go)!
Thanks again don for a great program. Soon I will have before and after pictures for you!!!
I've used the program for a month & have lost 13 pounds. I've also lost my preoccupation with food and the daily stressful question 'Which clothes could I fit into today?' Also I've lost the need for various medications to help me sleep. I've used the Restful Nights program for the last two weeks and get a solid seven hours sleep now. If I do awaken, most of the time I can put myself back to sleep without the program. I'm guessing that part of my weight loss is due to less cortisol release, I am finally well rested.
I started a couple of days ago. Yes skeptical in the beginning. Today is only day 2 listening to the cd. However I really want to say it is making a difference. Prior to listening to the cd I didnt exercise often. It was a hassle and I kept coming up with excuses. However for the past 3 days I did exercise. I exercised only 5 minutes prior to the cd on the treadmill. The day I listened to the dvd I exercised 10 minutes and ate less. The next day I went walking in the morning for 20 minutes and overcame obstacles that was in my way. I had a great breakfast and was very conscious about the food I ate and the amount. I know it is too early to say it is working however I know I weigh 285lbs and I will weigh 170lbs in the future. I really hope this works. I am very committed and will do everything in my power to loose weight. I am on a steroid called prednisone and it has made me gain over 100lbs within the last 2 years. My dosage has now been reduced and I really have to get this weigh off so I can be the slim sexy person I was meant to be.
I started my TNL lifestyle change on May 19th, 2008. My husband saw the infomercial and talked me into getting it since it was 30 days free, not even paying shipping and handling.
It took me about 4 months to get to my goal weight. Total weight loss for me has been 25 lbs.
I too, struggled to lose weight. I am 35 years old, will be 36 next month, and I was working out 5-6 days a week for a minimum of 35 minutes a day and almost starving myself on a 1300 calorie a day diet. I was so frustrated that I was never going to get rid of the weight that I finally got rid of all the clothes I could no longer wear.
My husband got hypnotized for social anxiety 11 years ago and after his first session, we could tell a difference so I know hypnosis works. I began listening to TNL with no expectations what so ever. I just thought, I would give it a try and see what happens....after the very first time listening, there was immediate change in my behavior. When I would eat, eating half, leaving half rang through my head. I didn't see results on the scale for the first two weeks, HOWEVER, I knew something was changing because my clothes were fitting differently and how I ate had changed also.
Eating whatever you want, whenever you want, where ever you want,is so very true. It's more, what you normally eat but if you treat yourself to specials once in a a while, you don't have to stop. It truly is amazing. I have recommended this to all of my friends and family.
All of my close friends now listen to TNL, my mother in law now listens, and has lost 10 lbs in about a month and a half, I am constantly getting comments like, WOW, I didn't even recognize you. It's such a wonderful feeling.
My suggestion to you is....take advantage of the free trial. You don't have anything to lose but weight! You don't even have to pay shipping and handling. If you don't love it or lose or can't tell a difference, what ever the reason, you can return it with no obligation and not ever having had paid a dime. Give it a try!!
I kind of did things backward. A friend of mine gave me Don's Restful Nights and Pain Relief programs to listen to. After listening to them for a week, I ordered TNL and my own set of the other programs.
I noticed changes immediately. I started sleeping better which improved my mood, my energy level, decreased my pain levels (also decreasing my pain meds) and I noticed I wasn't hungry at all.
I've hit a couple of bumps along the way, but overall, I love the changes that TNL has helped me make! I don't crave or eat sweets anymore (a biggie!). I don't eat because of my emotions. I exercise more frequently, and while I don't "love" it, I seem to enjoy it more.
I make MUCH better food choices and eat a lot healthier. My grocery bill is about half of what it used to be, too! TNL is definitely a permanent part of my life, now. "Eating half and leaving half" kind of rings in my head throughout the day...
Welcome to TNL!
It was so amazing today. We went to a chinese resturant for lunch. And we all know that is a place where you feel your plate many times. Well i had one plate and instead of pepsi I ordered water. It just came out so naturally. i couldn't believe it. I never drink water. Then i only ate a small plate of food. Yet another shock. I even tried to get a bowl of soup and couldn't eat it. It got to the point I went ouside for a smoke (I know another bad habit) cause my tummy hurt. After i was done I went back in and BOOM stomach ache. Just from seeing the food on the table.
Then cause we were out so long we took the kids to the local coffee shop and my mom and I shared a chef salad and I ate about a 3rd if that. And again ordered water.
I am so happy I was flipping channels that day. I can already see the difference in my life. I have done the full program twice and the 10 minutes once and can already feel the difference.
And today something happened that has made me even more determined. I was looking for jeans for my son and not even 34s fit him. They are too tight and he is 8. He is a very tall 8 but that is way too big for his age. I just sat there and cried. So I am not only getting me in shape but this entire house too. He watched me eat this evening and he even ate less than normal. He said me telling grandma about how I felt made him feel the same way. LOL he is a mamas boy. LOL
Thank you once again for this amazing program and new way of life. I will keep everyone updated on my progress.
My son did start listening to it last night. He fell asleep but amazingly he seemed different today. He didn't try to eat all the things in the house. He ate a small portion for dinner. And tonight he wouldn't go to bed til I put the cd on for him. He may fall asleep but he is trying to change the way he eats. He eats breakfast and lunch at school and there lunches are good for them. Now at home he wants an apple instead of chips.
One of my 14 yr old twins are listening to it right now. And all my girls are making changes. I love it. I still have not told my husband but he will see it when he gets home. Which will be thanksgiving which will be interresting. LOL
I don't experiance tummy tighting but I do get a tummy ache signaling me its time to stop. And my brain even knows when to stop before it hits. And the funny thing is when I am alone late at night I usually get the munchies. Well now when my tummy says feed me I have the streangth to say no. Not even a lil smartie. (my other current addiction lol)
I even now want to try veggies I have never tried. And I love pasta and have people asking aint that bad for you? I just smile and say not if I eat half. LOL I try to make people understand I aint dieting I am changing my life style. I will not deprive myself of good tasting food I will just eat half of what i use to.
My cousin has been taking diet pills and is getting tired of them and will be ordering this too. She is very much into meditating and knows this will work for her too. We both know health issues are major in our family if your over weight and want to be healthy so we can be there for our kids.
My 38th birthday is at the end of Janurary and I plan on giving myself a birthday present. I will be under 200 pounds for the first time in yrs and thats all I really want. And I KNOW I will get it.
Another thing I would like to add before going to listen and sleep is that before I started this I would leave the tv on at night because I couldnt sleep well. Now I shut the tv off listen to my cd and when its over I lay the head phones down and go right to sleep. And I am sleeping better than I have in yrs.
I just love this way of life. Thank you once again. And thank you for helping me help my son to change. I will forever be greatful.
I am a believer of hypnosis..but was still a bit skeptical about the program as a whole. I am on day 2 and so far, i am seeing some changes in my food relationships. My husband works out of state, I have five kids and work from home...I eat when i'm bored. My eating habits pretty much SUCK. I am going to lose 40lbs which will put me at 124lbs and 5'4. I'm 37, insulin resistant, estrogen dominant...and had gestational diabetes with my 4th and 5th pregnancies...with a family history STRONG on my maternal side of Type 2 diabetes. NOT where i want to end up. Three days ago, i swear i was eating non stop. I ate all day not sure why, i just did. Day 1 of the program...i was interrupted about 75% of the way thru the full session. I dont think i ever fully came out of hypnosis, or at least didnt do it right. I was very relaxed the rest of the day...borderline asleep lol...and did well all day until later that night when i proceeded to eat dinner and dessert twice!
Yesterday, day 2. I did a bit better...i ate half of what i normally do at dinner, but then for whatever reason I though i needed to eat again about an hour later so dished up some more chicken enchiladas...i took TWO bites and was disgusted by it. It went in the trash. I DIDNT NEED TO EAT IT! even though i know i coudl have easily done so before. I listened to the reinforcement session and went to bed. SLEPT LIKE A ROCK!! I got up this morning and wasnt hungry. 11;00am..not hungry...decided i SHOULD eat something at 12:30, so i had some popcorn...i'm just not hungry. Its sooo weird. But in a good way. Just thought i'd share.
Hello! I just wanted to say that I am currently trying the think and lose program and I absolutely love it! This program has definitely helped me with not "snacking" and not eating as much. I at this point have lost 20 lbs and have about 18 more to go-this is my goal. I do not feel as I have missed out on "food opportunities"- I have told a lot of people I know about how I was able to lose weight-It is fun to share with people when you know it is noticeable-I have tried all sorts of dieting-none have really worked-I didn't think I'd ever lose a pound but with this program it is really a great and remarkable program-I would recommend this to anyone
Don thank you so much for helping me get my life back at 62 yrs. young. I just can not say enough good things about this program. I was also a little skeptical when I first started. But a week into this my mother passed away and I kept on listening to the cd and it helped me get through this difficult time. Before I would have gone off the diet (since I am an emotional eater) but not with this. Also when I ordered the program my husband thought here goes some more wasted money on weight lose products. Well he is now a believer. I have lost 55 lbs. and still going to loose another 15. Iam also taking walks again, which I could not do before because my knees hurt too much. It is so nice to have people say to me, you look great, you have lost so much weight. How did you do it? So I tell them about the TNL program. A lot of people have ordered TNL because of the way I look and all the great comments I have about this program. I feel great Again thank you so much for this wonderful program.
I ordered my CD Set 10 days ago and I am already noticing the difference in the way I think about food in general.
I listened to the full version every day and the refresh every morning because I knew I was going on vacation soon
Yesterday I returned from 4 days vacation and could not believe how my eating is changing. We went to a buffet (of all things) and I just selected what I thought I could eat(meat, veggies and fruit).
I was totally in awe at what I selected. no potatoes? no pasta? no sweets??? It was truly amazing, after only 10 days, thank you very much.
For the first time in my life I returned from a vacation and did not gain 5 lbs, in fact I lost 2 lbs because I found myself walking everywhere and eating less.
Now that I am back home, I am finding that I truly am eating half of what I did before.
My daughter and I are doing the program, she is 12 and she doesn't want to lose a whole lot of weight but we too want to learn to eat healthier. I do have to say though that we both are eating whatever we want whenever we want to, just we are doing exactly what Don says, eat half and half only. The amazing thing is that I know myself, I am completely satisfied with that. I know before I would take double or even triple servings and never ever feel full. But now with smaller servings and only half I am full! It's a great feeling. In just 3 days I have already lost 5 lbs.
Well I must say that I am amazed at how this works! I started the programme on saturday and so today is the 4th day on it. Day one my husband and I went out for our usual saturday morning breakfast out together. I had just listened to the DVD for the first time that morning. Amazingly I was only able to get through half of the breakfast I usually eat when we go out, I had to push the plate away as I was so full!!!!!! I was shocked!!!! And the trend has continued every day since, I am eating half, maybe even slightly less than half, of what I usually use to eat and I am not even hungry. I am loving how good I feel about myself and how happy I am. And after only a day of doing the programme people were stopping me on sunday and asking me what I was doing cause I looked so radiant. I got lots of comments at work yesterday about how happy I looked and what was I doing different. What a fabulous programme
Well, so here I am, 3 days into NNM and have not had any difficulty remaining a "nonsmoker again". I am thrilled, amazed and delighted. I have told my mother and brother, both of whom are smokers, and they are shocked since they had no idea I was going to do this. More importantly, they want to do it too!
I am now going to start TNL today and I can't wait to see the results with that program that I have experienced with NNM.
Thanks again for liberating me from that monkey on my back!
I've been on the program since Nov. 11th and I just love it. It just amazes me how food no longer controls my life. My thoughts use to be centered on what I was going to eat next while stuffing something fattening into my mouth. I just find it so cool how food has become so unimportant. Like I said before it's just AWESOME. I, too, am not stepping on the scale. It has sabotaged way too many of my diets in the past, though I look at this as a life change not a diet. I know I have been losing because my clothes are so much looser and I feel really good. Good luck to everyone!
my goodness. i just received your cds and right off the bat i started sleeping better than i have in years! i have just started having really bad hot flashes and i normally get up at night when i have one and watch tv for hours because i cant go back to sleep. not anymore. i listen to the full length cd and sleep like a baby. when i do get a hot flash i am now able to go right back to sleep. tonight is only my 3rd night to listen but i know i will get a good nights rest. hot flashes and all.
now i am just waiting to start losing weight. thanks don!
Hi Everyone! January 6th will be my 6 month Anniversary of being with Think and Lose. I began the program weighing 306.5 lbs. I am a 51 year old female, who is 5'4" tall, so, needless to say, I was nearly as round as I was tall. I wore a size 30-32 shirt, and those elastic jeans in a size 26. ( Bra size 54).
It has been a long six months, but it WAS do-able, which has made all of the difference. This morning, I weighed 243 lbs, and I am wearing REAL jeans, in a size 18! I wear a size 20 top, and the bra is down to a 48.
I plan to stay with the program for at least another year, and get down to 120 lbs. I honestly think that THIS time, it is possible!
thank you! This forum is so cool. It is such a great support feature. I am only two days into the program and the biggest surprise to me is that in only these two my estimation--almost 80% of my food intake was triggered from emotional eating. It is just so surprising HOW much of my eating was from purely emotional response--not hunger....emotional eating. I noticed this because when I usually would emotional response...I noticed that the sensation of wanting food went away almost as quickly as it arrived. I have started to notice now, whenever I reach for food--if I am truly not hungry-the sensation is very clear to step away from the food and just wait till I am truly hungry. I am amazed at how easy and comfortable this program is. Fantastic!!!
Hi, I did really well on the program for about 6 months, People noticed the difference,, then I got cocky!! I started slipping,, didn't listen as often as I should. Yes I guess I felt great, looked great, why go farther,, Yet I wasn't at goal! So I was sorta off program for about 3 months... Yet I couldn't eat like I did before,, still had that little voice inside me,, Think and lose! I gained only a couple lbs =^) where as I would have gained it ALL back!! So here I am back on track, exercising every day, and feeling so much better! Don't worry about slipping,, This program is soooo easy to get back into and you don't have to spend a fortune on special foods! What could be better??
I am totally amazed.....I listened for the first time on Thurday 08/01 and was in shock the next day when I just wasn't hungry! I have actually had to make myself eat! As I do alot of sports I have to insure i put enough energy in to get the energy out but I have been feeling great while playing At this point I have lost 1kg (2.2pounds in your terms) in just 6 days!! And the best part is that i haven't been hungry at all
I am telling all my friends over here in NZ about this and they are all very interested Thanks
Hi everyone, this is just a morale booster for any/everyone. I am so happy that I am down to 168 now. I was stuck at 172 for a while but then it started dropping again. It's awesome. I AM NOT ON A DIET! My husband cooks really yummy food and I gained 40 pounds since we were married (3 years) I used to try to diet but it was so hard with the meals he would prepare. Now I eat the same things he does but only half and it is working. Slowly but working. I will never go back. To have lost almost 20 pounds in less than 90 days. THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS EVEN! is astounding to me. Thanks Don.
I listen to the long program every day. I have since I first started TNL back in May of last year. I found that I can't listen to it at night before I go to bed because I fall asleep! So I listen when I get home from work. It helps me de-stress and gets me in the mood to exercise afterwards.
When I go to bed, I'll listen to one of the PR1 or PR2 programs and then the Restful Sleep.....zzzzzz!! Since I started TNL in May, I've had a pretty steady weight loss - so far I've lost about 90 pounds.
I agree with Toni - every one is going to have different experiences and different results. Just like everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you're truly going to make a commitment to make TNL work for you, you've got to listen regularly and consistently just like Don says.
From my experience, listening to TNL every day has been what's worked for me.
I just have to smile when I read postings like yours where your so happy with TNL and what it's doing with your life and how you deal with food. And how you can now look at that yummy food your hubby makes and still enjoy it, but just less and it works to lose weight. Isn't it just awesome? I, too, am just loving it.
I was just thinking of something the other day, how when I use to go on all the different "diets" I would count the minutes, the hours, the days until I could get off of the stupid thing. I'd get so disappointed when I didn't lose alot of weight in a short period of time. And now....there's no hurry, coming off slowly is just fine, I am quite content to just keep going, listening to Don and his relaxing voice. There's no stress, no feeling that I'm being deprived, that I'm missing out on food that's off limits, no feeling that I'm getting to a point where I want to scream I can't do this anymore and go on an all out binge. The obsession isn't there anymore. I can have a normal life with food. Sorry, I get a little carried away when I think of all those years wasted. But not anymore!!!!!
Congratulations, on your twenty pounds and on all the rest that will follow. Keep on smiling and sharing your happy morale boosters! We all love to hear them.
I did the non smoking personally at one of Don's seminars in early December. It is now 7 weeks later and I haven't even once thought of smoking again. It's truly amazing how this works. No cravings, no "triggers", just back to being a non smoker again! I'm now trying the TNL (1 week in). Have lost maybe a pound or two, but hopeful since I know this works. Best of luck to ALL of us, whether it's for not smoking, losing weight, or just plain better health. We deserve it!
I wanted to let you know that I started Think and Lose 4 days ago -- and it's wonderful! I love listening to Don's voice, and the hypnotism is so-o-o relaxing! I couldn't believe it -- today my husband & I went out to lunch. I had a big salad & frozen yogurt, but halfway thru the salad I was FULL. My stomach tightened up, and I just could not eat another bite! The funny thing is that my husband, who is NOT doing Think and Lose, also felt full half way thru his lunch! And my husband is a BIG eater!! I listen to the 30 min. at night with earphones, but my husband can overhear Don faintly. I think his subconscious mind also picked up on the suggestions 'cuz he felt so full with half only.
I have been overweight all of my life. I would eat when I was happy,sad,bored or stressed,and kept eating till I was sick. I made sure I always had plenty of Alka Seltzer at home and at work. My job is very stressful and my desk used to be filled with chips,cookies and candy.
I have tried other diets,counting calories/points,diet pills, binging and then purging by vomiting or using laxatives and nothing worked. I always ended up gaining back all the weight I lost-plus.
I was done counting calories,weighing my food...and was concerned I was going to ruin my health if I continued to purge; so I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be obese the rest of my life.
I was home due to an injury when I seen this offer on an infomercial. I was so elated when I heard I didn't have to count calories or points; and I could eat what I wanted when I wanted; I ordered THL immediately.
Several years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and had lost over 70 pounds-but after I was done with chemo I gained all my weight back plus more within months. When I ordered TNL I had already lost nineteen pounds because the pain pills I was taking me sick. Now three months later I have lost a total of 39 pounds and my productivity at work has skyrocketed!!!!
There has only been one time since I started this program that I went on an eating binge. I tried not to beat myself up too badly because I knew if I did -the guilt would drive me to eat more. What's amazing is that night before I went to bed I listened to the cd and was back on track the next day; and haven't slipped since. The only time that I want to eat everything in sight is when I am at work. I now bring plenty of fruits and veggies to snack on and before I eat lunch I listen to the reinforcement. For the first time in years there is no food in my desk!!The money I have saved on groceries has paid for this program several times over.
I still have a 100 more pounds lose -but for the first time in my life I have the confidence that I will do it.
Words just aren't enough to express my gratitude!!! Don saved my life!!!! THANK YOU!
I have to admit to being a skeptic, but the results that I feel are a real attitude changer. Tomorrow will mark the end of my first week and on Sunday when I weighed with my weightloss group at church I had already lost 4.6lbs in 4 days. I am so happy with the results. I lost 40lbs on my own before starting this journey and I have struggled to lose anymore for over a year. I have not felt this good in such a long time. I literally eat half of what I did before. I have found that if I ask for a to-go box when ordering my meals out that I am not tempted to eat more and I feel full. I can't express how good it feels not to be so full that I am sick after eating. My husband has even decided that he is going to try it out and he was an even bigger skeptic than me, lol. He can't believe the results that I have already had and is a wonderful support system. I would love to encourage anyone to try this. What do you have to lose, accept the weight that is holding you back from doing the things that you want to do? I have 100+lbs to lose and I am excited that I have found the way to do it. Take care and I wish everyone all the luck in the world.
Welcome to a new way of life. And believe me, Think and Lose will change your life. It is not a diet, it is not some magic potion that will make you lose weight. It is just about the simplest weight loss program ever designed. Eat half of what you ate before and you will lose weight.
Let me tell you my story. When I started TNL in May of last year, I weighed approximately 384 pounds. Yikes! I am 55 years old and, like you, probably gained and lost a 1,000 pounds over my lifetime. I developed fibromyalgia several years ago and pretty much used it as an excuse to eat more and move less. I gained 25 pounds within a year and I was really starting to feel miserable . about myself, about the way I looked, the way I felt.
One of the nice "extras" that Don includes with his programs are suggestions to eat healthier foods and to exercise. The exercise part took a while. Athletic and sports-minded I am not! Because of the fibromyalgia, my doctor would only let me walk. I started out only being able to walk five minutes a day on a treadmill. I now walk for at least 1 1/2 - 2 miles a day.
The food issues - well, I continue to work on them. I eat when I.m stressed, I eat when I.m bored, I eat when I.m angry . in other words, I.m an emotional eater. learned SO much about myself and what triggers my eating binges and how to develop other coping skills . like exercise . deal with these issues.
I eat a LOT healthier foods, too. Lean meat, fish, poultry, fruits and veggies. My cupboards are pretty bare because I don.t buy packaged or processed foods very often. I very seldom eat anything that contains sugar - it makes me feel sick when I do. And I used to be one of the world.s BIGGEST (literally!) sugar freaks! My one weakness is chocolate, so I limit that to a few bites on any given day.
In the space of ten months, I've lost almost 100 pounds. I weighed myself this morning and I weigh 287. I still have another 100-120 pounds to go, but I'll get there. I guess to answer your question, TNL is the last weight loss program you will ever need. It takes time - you have to listen every day; it takes work - you have to really "think" about the food you're putting in your mouth; and it takes motivation - for me it was being able to play with my grandson and to get off some of the medications I was taking.
First and foremost: losing the weight you want is not going to happen overnight. It took a while for you to gain it - it's going to take a while for it to come off. Be patient. You can do this. The forum is a great place to find the support you need and to get your questions answered.
Welcome! I hope TNL is the last weight loss program you will ever have to use. And just think - it didn't cost you a fortune! Keep in touch and let us know how doing.
I just had to let you know that this program is the greatest program I have ever been on.
I have had the TNL for about a month now and feel that it "clicked" last night.
My husband and I went out to eat. All the way to the restaurant I kept says "my mind is strong, my body is strong, 1/2 only." And when I started to eat I actually got full with very little food. But the most wonderful thing happened.. I really like desserts. However, when I started to eat, I didn't really even want it. I took two bites and gave my husband the rest. I didn't feel denied at all..
Thank you, Don, for sharing you wonderful talent.
I have to thank you for the wonderful words and the excitement and exclamation points!!, and yeah, I think it's pretty exciting.
What do I and what don't I eat now? Well, it has definitely changed from what I used to eat. Listening to Don I know I can eat whatever I want, just half, but his suggestions of eating healthier have certainly taken hold in my head. The chips and munchies that were my very favorites, don't appeal anymore. I'd get into the sweets and baked goods once in awhile, now no interest. Butter on everything, no more. Salt on everything, LOVED it, don't use it anymore. Many Diet Cokes a day, none since Nov. 11th........I've always liked fruit, and eating more of it now. Veggies have never been my favorite. I like a few kinds, but that's about it. I love salads though and usually have one every night as my evening meal. I even add spinach to them now and enjoy it very much. A couple of Yoplait Light each day. I make a lot of wraps with whole wheat tortillas and turkey, some bacon once in awhile, cheese, some other meat maybe and spinach in it everytime. I love Quacker Mini Rice Cakes and they're pretty low in calories, though I have to watch that I don't eat too many of them in one sitting, but they are definitely good for filling up the tummy. Out to eat or regular family meals.... it's only half. Water and morning coffee for drinks.
Listening to TNL daily keeps me on track and focused. It's usually the two minute reinforcement right before I go to sleep. I really believe TNL will work for everybody, but just like we all have different food issues, we all have different ways our minds react to TNL and Don's voice. Believing and knowing it will work is a big part of it.
I consider myself very lucky that my food choices have changed so much and that I am enjoying those changes. Eating is still a good thing, it's now just not the ONLY thing.
Dear Don,
My name is Joy, and I am enjoying your Think and Lose program. Over and over I have seen you on TV and now for the first time in 13 years, I feel great. You see, 13 years ago I had a child, and I tried to lose the weight so many times, but nothing worked for me. I always shut off the TV because I thought "Yeah, right, this won't work for me... nothing does." I'm sorry, I was wrong . It worked, and for the first time in a long time, I lost weight and I feel good about myself and my achievements, and because of your program, I do not feel down on myself anymore.I love it. I lost over 23 pounds (so far). For 13 years I gave up constantly until now. I bought the DVD and I tried it. Now after 8 weeks, I have lost over 23 pounds. I was 228 pounds when first started in January 20th this year ( it's kind of like a New Year's resolution for me) . I am still in shock about it. I have tried other diets, but this is definitely not a diet. I can eat what I want and still lose my weight. I can't believe this happened to me. It's helping with my stress A LOT too. Now, I am at 205 pounds. Thank you very much. You're changing my life. I feel so good about this DVD . I tell everyone about this (even strangers!). I got out of 26-size jeans. My 22-size jeans are getting loose already. By next month, I hope and know I will be in a different jean size. I don't want pop or candy anymore, but when I DO get candy bar, I get the smaller ones. My boyfriend and son are SO proud of me! Your program is changing my life. Every time I get on the scale, it's great; my weight is lowering constantly... I can feel it. It works. I put it off too long. I am amazed with the DVD. Thank you Don... for everything.
36 years young and living life to the fullest, and it's all thanks to you...
I have been on this program for 1 year now and took an anniversary picture and couldn't believe my eyes. I have now lose 50.5 lbs . I am doing it for my health. I need to lose 35 more lbs to reach my goal. Very happy with this. Nothing else has worked . I tell every body I meet about this.
Thank you Don for saving my life.
Thanks so much for your fantastic program. I bought the program for the weight loss. That worked and I lost 35 pounds in a year. The Peak performance and Wealth and Power worked too.
My income increased by $35,000.00 per month and this year it keeps growing, I will earn a million dollars in '09.
I have told hundreds of people about your program, it's part of my daily lifestyle.
Thanks again.
I finally worked my way through the mental block. I have lost 5lbs. and gone down another size. That's 5 sizes I have gone down. I am having sooo much fun shopping for all new clothes!!! I only have 5 more lbs. to go before I reach my goal of 70lbs. I have no doubt that I will reach it. I will be doing it as you suggested 2-2-1 lb. at a time. Without all your help I probably would not have gotten to my goal. I only wish I would have heard about you and T&L many years ago. It has really changed my life. I plan on sending pictures after I get to my goal. Thank you so much!!!!
OK, I received my package last Monday. Listened first thing. I listen to the 10 minute before I go to work every day, and I listen to the 30 minute every evening. I knew I was eating less, but I hadn't expected THIS! I weighed last Monday am, weighed 217 1/2. I weighed today, MONDAY, after a WEEKEND, and I weigh 212. 5 1/2 pounds GONE! PFFT! SHOED OUT OF MY BODY.
You talk about smiling. My husband hasn't even had a chance to take my before picture yet. I didn't expect it to work THIS fast. I am still hungry, but I can take a drink of water, or just a bite of something, and I'm ok until my next meal. I can go longer between meals. I'm not "starving" or "hurting from hunger." I can deal with it.
Oh wow, I'm a believer.
We're going to start working on the "pain relief" to fix the little things next. Oh, thank you, thank you. Will keep eveyone posted. I'm EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have definitely come to the right place when it comes to losing weight & changing attitudes. Think & Lose will do all that & more. I, personally, have tried virtually all the so-called weight loss programs out there with absolutely no lasting success. However T&L hypnosis has done for me what no other program ever could...I now possess the confidence, patience, determination, steadfastness, mind change, & genuine desire needed to be successful. I haven't lost all my weight yet, but that's ok ~ I've lost quite a bit, & the rest will come!
Think & Lose is a truly remarkable program ~ you'll love it! Keep on reading the inspiring postings...KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. And keep us posted how everything goes................
Again, welcome to Think & Lose!
OK, guys! 2 months, lost 10 lbs. LOVE IT! I could have done it faster, but hey, I'm losing! Or, I could have been on my same ole eating regime, and still be 10 lbs heavier.
I can still be hungry, and ignore it, because I know I'm losing weight. I feel full after I've eaten 1/2, and figure I can't be losing, I ate like a pig. But, you know what...I'm losing. First time I've been down this low in YEARS!
Hubbie and I share a meal when we go out. It's good for both of us. (Cheaper, too) I can have just a taste of what he has for a snack, and I'm happy with that. Water, Water, Water! kills the hungries! Now that I can see the difference in the mirror, and in my clothes, I'm not so tempted to "cheat" any more.
When I'm watching tv, or listening to something, I'll hear a word that Don has said in his messages, and I stop and think...Hey, slow down, listen to your sub-conscious mind. Like up there, I said "any more" That's what Don says, it makes me think about what his messages are all about. So, I'm reinforcing myself and not even realizing it. Pretty cool.
Whatever, Don't give up. It's working! Last weekend a friend asked me if I believed in "that stuff" We both said, "Yep, it's working"!
Take care all.
Hey, everybody! I am a bit new to TNL and was not sure if it would work for me. I have only had the CD's for a couple of months. I set a small, reasonable, reachable goal for myself to start begin. I decided to break down my 100+ lb. weight loss goal into manageable bits. My first was to reach a loss of 15 lbs. by the end of the summer.
I am using only the CD's as my tools for success. I wasn't sure the TNL was working, so I 'snuck' onto the scale in the beginning of July. I was quite surprised and pleased to see that I had lost a total of 20 lbs.! Summer is not even over!
It is hard to believe, since the weight loss seems to be totally effortless.
The behavioral changes come automatically. Be encouraged, all of you, especially newbies! This REALLY DOES WORK! Just stick with it.
TNL is a terrific program and it worked for me immediately, but I really kind of struggled with the Nicotine No More program for a couple of weeks. I got frustrated and e-mailed Don. He was able to make some suggestions that really helped. Once I figured out what was keeping me from quitting smoking, it was a breeze.
I haven't had a cigarette since March 31, 2009. I don't have any cravings for cigarettes, I don't even think about smoking, and truthfully, I can't STAND the smell of cigarette smoke anymore!
I smoked for over 40 years, I have a family history of medical issues directly related to smoking. The only time in all those 40 years I was able to quit was when I was pregnant with my two children and it wasn't because I was concerned about their health - smoking just made my morning sickness worse!
Try the Nicotine No More program. (Personally, I liked the 10 minute reinforcement program better than I did the long program.) It's well worth the money to get rid of a really BAD habit.
I just wanted to let you know I lost almost 100lbs using your program. It worked for me. I don't eat like I use to. I look GREAT at 55. Thanks
I have been listening to the CD's about a week now. My life has CHANGED!!! I actually threw away the ice cream cone my husband bought me last night after a few bites. I LOVE ICECREAM!!! I am craving fruits and veggies instead of sweets. I have tried EVERY diet and then some and this just seems so much different. I LOVE IT. It just seems too good to be true.
I just flipped on your ad on TV and discovered I totally have forgotten I had the program and that doing the hypnosis felt totally awesome. (I was diagnosed with severe a.d.d. and this just made it more obvious to me.)
I don't know how many months ago I failed to use it anymore after the little cd player I used got pushed out of the way and under the bed, but I did drop from 264 to 241 as of today, and never even made the connection as to the reason I had dropped those pounds until now. So I have just gone and found the little cd player and will start back up again.
It also seemed like it worked better (regarding remember the "half only" in my mind when I would eat). Started taking leftovers home from the restaurant because I wasn't as hungry as I ever used to be, and nowadays (after having forgot the program existed pretty much) I just don't order as much as I used to, like I know ahead of time I don't need as much as I ever used to order.
So yes I believe this program works well, I just have to always remember I own it!
Thanks for making it!
You'll absolutely love this even more once your clothes start "growing". Mine have. Been at this 2 1/2 months, losing weight, losing inches, feel better about myself.
I don't listen every day now, like I did at first, but I do listen as often as I can. I'm totally surprised when I turn away food (Someone just offered me a piece of chocolate cake! Said NO THANK YOU!) I'm surprised at the amount of food I eat (or don't eat, as the case may be). I have days when I eat a lot, and days when I'm hungry, but I can handle it, and eat what I'm supposed to. I'm so happy when my husband says "I can really notice it." Love it!
I've almost reached my first goal...are you ready for get down to my "driver's license weight". I'll hit the roof after 6 more lbs are gone! haha. Have 2 more goals after that. Gonna have to go buy some new clothes soon. Mine are getting pretty baggy now! love it.
Best of luck to you and the rest of us. We're all in this together.
I know this will sound like a commercial, but since I am a new member too I thought I would share something that happened today. I don't ever remember this happening in my entire life.
I received my tapes on Saturday I listened to 30 minute tract twice a day for the past 3 days. For breakfast this morning I ate one egg and a turkey hot dog (don't laugh---they are good and much less fat than a beef one!). Anyway, I had taken some medication before I left for work and it upset my stomach. I stopped to get a muffin to put more food on my stomach. The store only had a pack of 6 little donuts.
Here is the miraculous thing: 4 donuts are still in the package in my car! I ate 2 donuts; my stomach quit hurting and I was very content to leave the rest of the donuts. Seriously- NEVER has that happened!
At lunch today I ordered a grilled chiken salad and a baked potato.. by the time I finished some salad and half the potato I remember thinking "I better start really choosing what bites to eat now because I know I won't be able to finish all of this." I didn't even realize what I thought until I began to pick through my salad! I'm telling you- this was an "AHAH" moment.
The first time I listened to the tapes and heard Don say that overeating is not about the stomach, but about the mind, well- it just about blew my mind! He is so right. Contentment and peace come from our mind- it is about how we perceive things- it is about how we think about something! When we over eat is is not to fill up our stomachs. It is to fill something else. WOW- another "AHAH" moment.
That statement, more than anything else has helped me through the past few days. I don't listen to my stomach...if I feel hungry, I think about the state of my mind. If my mind is at peace and not stressed, then I ask myself if I am really hungry. (Sometimes I would eat because I was bored or it was "time".) There have been times my body has said Nope- not hungry yet! So, I don't eat!
I know this is a long post, but I wanted to give you some encouraging words. If you believe this program will help you it will... it is a about your MIND! I believe and it is helping me so much.
Good luck to you- I know you can change the way you think about yourself and about food. I will be looking for a post from you in the future!
From one newbie to another,
Hello, I wasn't sure if I'd be one of the success stories either, but it's happening. I started with T & L the first of April, and am losing slowly and steadily. My clothes are starting to hang on me, my husband compliments me, people are noticing. That's success enough for me. And, the more I lose, the more I want to lose. I just have that "I can do this" attitude, and it's working.
I took the liberty of printing out one of our "ladies" before and after pictures, and keep it with me on my desk. I look at it, and say, if she can do this, so can I. For once in my life, I want to actually finish something that I've started. I still haven't told anyone what I'm doing, I'm just waiting for someone to ask me. I kinda like the idea that I'm doing something that no one knows about.
Anyway, if you think you can, you can. I know. I am totally surprised by my weight loss, and impressed that I CAN DO THIS...I AM DOING THIS! I've got a wedding to go to in October for my niece, and haven't seen the family since last Christmas. I can't wait for them to see me, and their reactions!
Just keep listening, and it WILL happen. Keep up the positive attitude, and you will succeed.
I have been dieting for years, have 3 kids and a lot of weight to loose. About 80 to 100lbs. I just recieved my think and lose package 4 days ago and I started the pills that day. I went to the doctor yesterday 7-30-09 to see what i am supposed to eat and all on a diet. Well I weighed in at 245 when I started this program and now I am down 16 lbs after 4 days, but the over all thing and secret to my lose is I cut out Mnt.dew and started drinking more and more water. I never knew drinking alot of pop 6 to 12 cans a day could have that much inpact on my weight, honestly. I couldnt stop drinking the pop after I did know that was prolly the reason i was gaining so much bu I have a nerve problem especially with my kids being home from school, Mt.dew was my security and I just had to face the evil pop once and for all.
I am in desperate need to loose this weight even if it kills me to get it off, which i know it wont. I just need to excercise and realize it is coming off slow and quickly at the same time. Cutting out all the pop did me in. I cant believe it! I want to look nice in a dress, without the bulges!
So, here I am ready and willing if anyone wants to be my buddy. I am here and needing to get this weight off and more, get my life back! I cant get with my kis activites, less energized slow and not in the mood. I want to be HEALTHY again!
I've had the program a week and had results immediately. I am able to eat only 1/2 and push the rest away. One thing that I have noticed is that it has not interferred with my relationship with the Lord. It has enhanced it because I am not overloading my temple with unneccesary food. I usually would stuff myself and feel miserable. Now, i can eat a little, feel content and move on. It's almost like being on a partial fast. When the body is not full to the brim you're able to function better, be more alert and feel better.
I've tried several ways of losing. I know that it's a change in the mind, the way we think and perceive. I know that a 'stronghold' has to be broken in my life. I have a busy schedule and don't always have the time just to sit and read, but it helps when I can 'listen' and take in what I need.
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