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Experts and laypeople alike will tell you that the best way to lose weight is to eat less and increase your physical activity. There are numerous Ďlose weight fastí schemes on the market, such as popping pills or relying on so called diet drinks that create the erroneous assumption that you can lose weight without changing your caloric intake, which has been proven time and time again to be simply not true. There are products on the market that promise you will lose 10 pounds or more in only a week, but the moment you stop taking these products you inevitably regain your weight and sometimes even more!

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The problem is and always has been caloric consumption. When you eat too much - your body weight goes up. Conversely, when you eat less - your body weight goes down. So how does something so simple become so complicated? Most dieters avoid tackling the core of the problem, which is the mind. Its your mind that got you into this and therefore your mind can and will get you out of it. This is the proven philosophy of the Think & Lose Weight Loss Program successfully used by hundreds of thousands of individuals just like you!

The majority of people are overweight simply because they choose to overeat. Becoming overweight does not happen by chance, but rather by choice Ė YOUR CHOICE! Itís as simple as that! The overweight person has the tendency to think they need to eat more or want to eat more, but in reality the body only needs about half of what the average overweight person actually consumes.

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Tackling that overeating compulsion day-in-day-out can be physically & psychologically exhausting! The absolute best way to lose weight is to change the way you think about food. Put simply, youíre the one who chose to overeat and youíre the one who can change it! Don Mannarino can teach you how through the power of your own thoughts . . . the power of your own mind!

Can you really learn to eat less and be totally satisfied & content? You can if you change the problem at its source Ė the subconscious mind. The Think and Lose hypnosis weight loss program is far and away the best way to lose weight and no doubt the easiest and most sensible way too! Through the relaxing experience of hypnosis, Don Mannarino will help you learn to train your mind to think differently about food and to become satisfied when eating less.

The highly effective, time-tested positive suggestions Don gives you will allow you to continue eating the foods you like, whenever you like, but half-only. By eating half, you will reduce your caloric intake by 50% and your body weight must modify down. The key is that you are still eating the foods you like. No more denial! No more temptation! No more restriction! No more guilt! Through hypnosis, Don will help you to train your mind to feel full and satisfied by reducing your caloric intake by half, because that is all your body truly needs.

The Think and Lose weight loss program is also designed to help you lose your cravings for rich and fattening foods so that you start craving foods that are healthy and nutritious. It will also provide you with the motivation (for maybe the first time in your life) to want to become more active and maybe even start to exercise! By choosing to make healthier food choices, feeling more content when eating less, and becoming more active - you will further increase your weight loss, tone your body, and feel much better about yourself mentally & physically.

Don Mannarino

There is no safer, stronger, more natural way to lose weight than the powerful effects of relaxing hypnosis perfected by Don Mannarino with his 30 years of professional experience as the clinical hypnotherapist to some of the largest health organizations in the world as well as numerous hospitals & corporations.



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So does the Think and Lose program work? We are so sure that it will work for you that we give our customers a FREE 30-day trial! If you donít lose the weight, then you donít pay a penny (not even for shipping and processing). And if youíre still not convinced, check out some of the amazing experiences of current customers from the Think and Lose Forum and read how the Think and Lose Weight Loss Program has changed so many lives in a positive, healthy and safe manner!


Think & Lose hypnosis weight loss program is NOT a weight loss diet, weight loss drink or weight loss supplement.

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