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All of us have triggers in our brains that tell us when we need to eat, as well as when we should stop eating. For most overweight people, the trigger to stop eating is somewhat delayed and often times ignored. What if you could train your mind to reset the “switch” to this trigger by knowing the difference between real hunger and psychological hunger before you eat? What if you could learn to eat just enough to nourish your body, yet feel completely full and satisfied? You will have, once and for all, solved your weight problem.

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Sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it? Not anymore! Before we explain why, let us consider another form of appetite suppressant – those products on the market that supposedly help suppress appetite so one can lose weight. While the weight loss is indeed a consequence of eating less, the appetite suppressant does not teach the mind to reset the “trigger”, but instead fools your stomach into feeling full. This type of fullness is temporary at best for it has been proven that hunger – appetite – fullness is in the mind, not the stomach. A dietary suppressant may work initially, but you will inevitably regain the weight once you stop the suppressants and continue to overeat. The only true way to lose weight in a healthy manner is to change the way you think about food and the choices you make. This can only come from inside your own mind . . . your own thoughts. Remember, becoming overweight did not happen by chance, rather by choice - YOUR CHOICE!

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The Think and Lose Weight Loss Program is specifically designed to help you finally regain your self-control & self-discipline around food. The program allows you to eat the foods you normally eat, while conditioning your mind to feel totally full and content. In other words to “trigger” the full signal when you’ve eaten just enough. This will help you to finally stop overeating and begin to lose the weight you truly want to lose. What better way to satisfy your appetite than to become full and satisfied half way through your meal.

Don Mannarino

The Think and Lose Program, is based on the relaxing powerful method of clinical hypnosis. Don Mannarino, who created Think and Lose, will provide your mind with the positive suggestions it needs to think about food differently and understand the difference between real hunger and psychological hunger before you eat - not after! The premise of Don’s proven successful approach is in his logic, “eat less, reduce your caloric intake, learn to make healthier food choices, and your body weight will go down.”

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Let Don help you strengthen your self-confidence and your self-esteem and learn to condition your own mind with the positive, time-tested technique of clinical hypnosis. The time is now to think about food in a healthy way and start to reduce the quantity of food you eat.

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Think & Lose hypnosis weight loss program is NOT a weight loss diet, weight loss drink or weight loss supplement.

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